Got out today, but in bad circumstances

I attended a memorial for my ex-brother-in-law. He was my age and he died of a stroke. Lots of crying and stories at the church. I won’t get into some messed up things that happened with his family and friends at the memorial. People are people.

Anyway, It was me, my two sisters, and two old friends of my oldest sister who she’s known for more than thirty years. After the short memorial we went out to a fancy restaurant and had a nice lunch. Then we split up and me and my middle sister went out to a coffee shop and then I drove home but I stopped at Taco Bell for a coke.

My sisters friends are nice, I talked with them a little. I first met her oldest friend in 1977 and I have always had a picture in my mind of the very first time I laid eyes on her. I was 16 with the hormones raging and the friend came to our apartment and knocked on our door and I answered it and when I opened it, there she was wearing a skirt and a halter top. She was built!! And super cute. She was about 19 or 20 and it turns out she was really nice too.

Anyway, I’ve always liked her. Well, I talked to her for 10 minutes. She’s still cute but now she is 61 years old!! Man, time flies.


Good for you man. Wish the circumstances were different.

Right now I’d like nothing more than to go to favorite bar and get a drink or two, but I absolutely can’t allow myself to do that. People suck in general. I haven’t been to that bar in weeks. It probably wouldn’t be a good time and my psychosis would flare up.

Oh well. Next month should be better than this one. Actually I know it will be for a lot of reasons.

You’re a good dude nick.

Well thanks. You aren’t a bad guy either, lol. Have fun next month.

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Oh, that’s sweet Nick, that you remember all those old feelings.

Everyone ages, but sometimes the heart can stay pure.

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