Never stop believing

I’m mentally ill, at times I wonder if I’m more than you, but I’ve learned to be high functioning, mostly stable on meds. If I can find love, you can.

Phil is such a normal guy, he needed somebody to spice up his life. hehe.

But I never gave up, and I’ve been doing online dating my whole adult life.
Had some relationships, but it didn’t work out, spent a lot of time alone, raising my kids.

Even facing some real hard problems, I always thought I deserved this.
Maybe I’ve read too many love stories, but I’m happy.


There is a chance for everyone, dont let yourself down. One day you might bump into that special one, youll never know!

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My online dating stories are like horror stories, they should make a scary movie about that!

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I believe in red flags

but some I kept trying, but really should have cut it sooner.

sorry you had that. I can’t believe I met Phil on Plenty of Fish.

I think he’s surprised to find me on there too.

I won’t say who but i saw my old bully on pof and he is a woman now!

Wow! I never ran into that. I like most of the guys in my area

and usually it was just chatting.

the school said he was a rat but there was obviously a hidden camera somewhere. another trick is if someone slightly bumps into you they fall down acting like it was a serious football tackle and claim assault.

if you stop online dating, where can else can you meet someone?

I’ve tried speed dating too, but I came across too Alpha, I think.

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my hallucinations are also free 1-900 numbers, they can run any simulation.

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