Well, I've never been slapped in the face by a girl

But when I was in 7th grade, a girl I knew kicked me square in the groin. I got the message she was trying to send.


Ah see we’re even I don’t think a girl has ever kicked me in the groin.

Wasn’t there a dwarf named “Groin” in “The Hobbit”?

There was a Gloin, but I’m pretty sure there was a Groin somewhere in all those family trees.

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Well, there must be a “Groin” in action somewhere in there.


Want me to arrange an introduction to my daughter? That’s her superpower. I’m sure the boy who punched her still regrets it – she got her money’s worth out of that kick.


My kid sister has used that move too… it seems pretty popular.

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I love strong girls I helped grow them by being girl scouts leader 4 years.

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