Went to my first "fight like a Girl" class today

And had to take tylenol when I got home. NO seriously though it was a great class. also had a good meeting with my therapist yesterday. And in a much better mood. thanks for tolerating me being depressed before desimb


Did they tell you to kick guys in the crotch? OW!! Lol.

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Just remember, if they can still use it a month later, you didn’t kick hard enough.

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Ha no actually they didn’t but it is a three week course.

If you’re fighting another women I wonder if they are going to teach you how to scratch and pull hair. Lol. Girls fight dirty.

I do “fight like a girl” I have only started one fight and that was just out right stupid and I got my butt kicked. I do shove and kick and pull hair. It’s pathetic.

My Dad again… wanted my kid sis to be able to say No to a guy and back it up if he persisted and didn’t cool his trousers. So my Dad put her in kick boxing classes and self defense classes.

She had a teacher who would say… the only reason to fight is if your fighting for your life. If your fighting for your life, there is no such thing as a sucker punch.

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