Got slapped last night

Got called “stubborn pants” a few times. I showed her she was as interrupting and difficult as I. Then in a civil verbal exchange about some bs I can’t remember she effing slapped me out of nowhere. Probably because I interrupted her and was being a “stubborn pants.” Still uncalled for. To ever make anything physical like that.

So I kicked her out…

You all ever been slapped for no good reason?

Was the first real social contact I had in 4 days(intentionally). Didn’t go well. But time alone has shown me I don’t have to put up with that ■■■■.

How can she slap?

When I was drinking a lot and hung out with girls who drank… I got slapped a lot… everyone is drunk… emotional and it’s a bad scene.

When I got away from the drinkers and hung out with the coffee crowd and started going to the groups at the library… I haven’t been slapped since…

I couldn’t imagine being slapped today… that shows a great deal of immaturity by the slapper…

Once they have lost the words and reverted to actions of acting out like a 2 year old… they’ve lost.


I got punched in the head by a girl once . It was probly deserved lol I was wasted

I’m still bothered by this. The situation keeps coming back to my mind. I want to forget about it. The slap was whatever. Losing a friend was the part I’m still stuck on. In review it was never really the best time, the slap was kind of the last straw. Still we had been hanging out a lot, the human mind is tricksy, I’m thinking about her more now that the friendship is over. I need to get out of the house I guess.

Aww I’m sorry that happened to you. You don’t deserve to be slapped, you’re a nice man


Ah thanks kellie. 15 15 15

Not by relationship. Parents always knocked me around until I hit back.

Is “The Answer” ever “out there?”

She’s not justified in slapping you unless you in some way violated her. It has to be more than just interrupting or talking over her. People do that all the time. It needs to be something like putting your hand on her breast. You did the right thing by throwing her out.

why dont you make up? you can still be friends

tell her how upset you are and that you still want to be friends but only if she doesnt hit you again x

Give it some time. I’ve been there. After you have space for a few days or a week you may see it differently. It’s hard to see bad points in relationships if you aren’t given time to step back. It can be easy to form a dependence on a need for someone or the idea that you have someone. When you step back you can see that the need was to have someone but the person you have isn’t the right one.

i got punched at a party by a guy…didn’t even know it happened…i was so drunk !?! :blush:
it was only because of everyones reaction…i realised !!
take care :alien:
that happened when i was 18…i don’t drink now.

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Wondering if she was flirting tbh. She’s been offended on two levels rejection being one of them and then you turned it into a personal attack on her. So turned into a slap. Then you kicked her out.

She’s probably still suffering a what the… moment.

I do think she may of been on something though.

Been punched in the face a few times. Never slapped

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No I accepted the insult as truth. After a bout 30 seconds of cutting each other off I was like “Look you’re interrupting as much as me.” Then we both agreed we were interrupters. I’m really don’t do that very often, but the kind of rants she would go on about herself… I don’t know she just had a lot to vent about. She wasn’t looking for advice in any real sense. We were very different people to begin with. I’d rather become mechanized and callous and immune to feeling the bull that this illness drags me through, and stress. She was quite the opposite, embracing her feelings as fully as possible, trying to be human.

I do feel bad for her, but she’ll get over it. I don’t think I’ll ever see her otherwise.

Apparently she has a thing for slapping people. It’s what my brother told me.

I didn’t want her advice either. Fixer has to try and fix things. An enhancer has to enhance things. A thinker just wants to sit there and analyse.

Great stuff.

(15 20 25 30…)

I’ve never gotten slapped by a girl. I kind of feel like I missed out on something.

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