Well, I left early on my first day, cuz

Phil texted me that the nurse called and said Phil’s

blood work was really bad, and that he should get
up to the hospital, right now!

my boss was real understanding, but I don’t know what
I was thinking, I can’t even be in the waiting room cuz of Rona.

they told him his blood was purple, high potassium levels,
and near a heart attack, but the kicker is, they let him come

home! he has another appt. at 3 pm today.
see what happens then.

he’s been screaming at me since I got home,
but I had no intention of leaving work today,
I like the job, it’s easy, not cleaning,

more like a warehouse job,
breaking down all the bins
of cardboard boxes, separating plastic,
it’s lots of walking, big place.

and the people are cool.
I’m getting ahead of myself I know,
but I just got a call for a nightime
cleaning job, a couple hours a night,
and a lot closely to my house.

I’m thinking about doing both jobs,
just to stay busy, and bring in extra money,
and to stay away from Phil.

idk. or do the part time, and stay on disability.
doggie business has really slowed, now that
summer is ending.

long post, for me, sorry, thanks for reading.



You need to kick Phil out and stop worrying about him.

He’s taking advantage of you,

He’s beaten you,

And you’re taking a second job to be away from him.

Get him out!


I hope Phil will be ok, but he doesn’t need to be yelling at you even if he is stressed out. Sorry you had to leave work early on your first day but it’s good they were understanding at least. Good luck on the new cleaning job. You’re a hard worker to take on two jobs.

Good luck with job(s), Daze!

I can’t though. my parents and me tried it,

and he’s got residency here now,
and he knows it and uses it against me.

he hasn’t exactly beaten me,
he hit me repetitively over the head with a pillow.

but a lot of other sh-it too. I don’t ever do
the silent treatment, but he’s just so quick to anger,
never dated a guy like him,

but then again I never had any of those guys live here.

Evict him.

You have the power to do that.

He’ll have thirty days to get out.

Also, yes he has beaten you,

I remember when he broke your leg.

He’s bringing you down and using you.

Not saying this to make you feel bad,

I just want you to be treated well and respected.


Get him to a doctor!

he’s there right now.

he seems to think he’ll just have this appointment and come home.

I think he needs stents put in. but who am I to say.

@Daze you deserve better. I lived with an abusive guy for 7 years, so I know how the excuses to stay are.

But you can break free. You have to. He already broke your leg, what’s next? Evict him.


this is really not unlike many couples,

and it’s not lack of self esteem.

idk, it’s not gonna happen right now.

doc wanted him to go do a bunch of tests in the Quad Cities today,
but Phil said he’d do it tomorrow.
first local doc will be an EKG, then, and I know it won’t look good,
referring him elsewhere.
well, today and tonight I got the aspirin handy, under the tongue.

This is where I live Daze. You should stop in to say hello :stuck_out_tongue:.

i’ll be at work. Plus I think it’s against the rules of this site. thanks though.

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I was just kidding. Just saw a QC reference and had to comment.

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