So, Phil tells me he's gonna leave me, got an apartment

I had a hard time on Sunday and wanted support, and he couldn’t do it. Slams.

Lawn needs to be mowed, mortgage gotta get paid, now he leaves me with bum leg and all.

Yeah, pack it up and move out, throw everything away. Maybe Iowa City? He won’t find anybody better than me.

has he moved out? I don’t believe his lies…I hope you guys make up.

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I hope you guys are able to work it out. Hang in there

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a woman with a brain? like to see him do better than me, but then again, he’s always been short change.

you do realize he broke my leg, right? He threw me down.

I’ve been told to stay off of it for 3 weeks, but he can’t do the chores, without blaming me?

It sounds like an abusive relationship I hope you are able to heal from this … You deserve way better.


Dear dear @daze, if Phil is treating you like this, he even breaks your leg, then please let him go. Or if he wont: kick him out. This is not at all okay. Chose for a good life, he isnt treating you right.

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no, I didn’t know he hurt you…make him stay gone if he’s left…you deserve better.

Why are you with him then? You deserve better @Daze!


I was stuck in an abusive marriage.
It’s not worth it.

You deserve better.


I lied to all of them, didn’t want Phil stuck with domestic battery.

I said I tripped over a rug. thanks for your responses. Thank you.

If he’s hurting you and leaving, good riddance! No one has the right to harm you.


@Daze let him go he isn’t nice and he has more issues than you can handle with your own issues it makes it too much for you. You can do better than him and will do better than him.

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Him leaving seems like that would be the best possible scenario. Anyway either way I hope you are alright.

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You deserve better!!

I didn’t know he broke your leg. I know he punched you though

It’s the best way to lose 170 lbs.

Now if you can pull an Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall” move, hopefully all your memories of him will be erased.

This sounds like a weak departure, from the looks of things I bet he will be coming back by next monday.

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