I don't start cleaning til about 11 o'clock after I have all my coffee and smokes

But I guess Phil is done for the day

probably because of the holiday.

I’ll have an actual person to talk to,

thanks thought, you guys.

I’m the opposite today. I have been constantly with people for the last six days so i’m craving alone time in my room with my laptop. Hope you have a good holiday @Daze!

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What’s Phil up to?

Oh, he was working all morning

but now coming home

I’ll try to get on the horn and tidy up.

they’re giving him stress at the job

that his conduit doesn’t run along the beams

but he went by blue print, and should be ok.

I wish they’d show appreciation.

Did he tell them he went by the blueprint? They should leave him alone then.

Is he an electrician?

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