Well guys the negative symptoms have dramatically improved by a 25% reduction in seroquel

The flat is tidier than ever. I went to the pub quiz last night. Enjoying music and tv more. Less hungry and more satisfied by regular meals. In short a great improvement.

My theory is the anticholinergic effects of high dose seroquel where really effecting me. They are proven to effect cognition.


Good news! That is good to hear.

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That’s great ! I hope it’s not just temporary though. Sometimes when you introduce med changes things can seem better until your system gets used to the change and settles down. Fingers crossed it’s permanent.


It’s been two weeks now. Like you say I hope it’s permanent too. Maybe the increase in the depot is helping too. High potency typicals have a low anticholinergic burden.

So have gone from 300mg quetiapine morning and night to 150mg quetiapine in the morning - 300mg at night. Debating whether to think about reducing the night time dose at some point but that isn’t a priority right now.

Want to work at maintaining this improvement I seen. What do you think?

Well take things very slowly and make sure you have a back out plan if it looks like things are taking a major turn for the worse.

Like for instance I have some abilify 10mg pills I can fall back on if 15mg doesn’t work out.

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Sounds good! If it ain’t broke, don’t be in too much hurry to fix it!

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thats great news jim :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mrhappy! Get any word back from your girlfriend?

no, not yet, i texted her but idk whats happening.

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The same thing happened to me when I went from 600 to 400 mg. And when I stopped taking Zyprexa. Just make sure you are stable on that dose, or everything will get much worse. 200 mg Seroquel was not enough for me.

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I hate it when folk just refuse to reply :triumph: Hope it all works out ok.

she does it a lot and blames it on her phone, she also says she’s not a fan of technology :confused: but this time it could be permanent, its her loss if it is.

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