Well after over a month

I am seeing that therapist again. She called me a week ago to schedule a new appointment after ignoring me for weeks, after cancelling the previous one. When she called, she pretended that she had left me messages and didn’t know why I hadn’t received them. I hate it when people try to play that game, but I tried to just mentally shove it out of the way. So she scheduled to see me Monday 04/04, but then on Monday she cancelled the appointment a few hours before it was supposed to happen, called me “sweetheart” and rescheduled me for Tuesday without asking. SO I had to call her back and explain I couldn’t do Tuesday, I had to help my mother’s maid with the house on Tuesday, so we rescheduled for today. It’s only 8AM but so far my phone has not rang to cancel it yet. Anyway it should be an easy appointment for her, I will probably spend 40 minutes just telling her about the toad habitat.

Can I ask how much you pay?

I paid $100 for first appointment, and now $50 for appointments. It’s cheaper because it’s a facility. I’ve seen private pay therapists that wanted $100+ for every appointment. So $50 per appointment is actually a good deal. I wouldn’t even bother except I have to see a therapist there in order to have access to the pdoc, but even then it’s still a good deal because the pdoc is also $50 per appointment.

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I go t o a therapist. My insurance pays him about $50 for a session.

I have a heart connection with my guy. Actually, he sees me as lacking in self esteem, and therefore, he tries to boost my self esteem.

I see seeing him as helpful to me, but I’m not too sure I get a lot out of it. What other choices do I have to help myself?


So that’s the case in the America.

Good for you.

I meant for her to cancel on me lol.

Well in spite of all these bizarre scheduling issues, the appointment still went pretty well. I’ve never had a therapist like her before, she really wants us to just jump right in and start changing things, which I find a bit scary and agitating. But I still think it’s good because therapists in the past would just let me whine forever, stay in my comfort zone and then thousands of $$$ later I was no better off. Today she made a list of all my coping skills that I had mentioned, that I never thought of as coping skills, to show me how I seem to handle things, so she basically spent half the session trying to show me what some of my strengths and tools are. Then she set two goals with me that she wants me to start brushing my teeth every morning after coffee and to start using my essential oils in my laundry to make my clothes smell good. And she said an eventual goal is for me to shower more. I think I find it so agitating in part because it’s humiliating to have to set “goals” like brushing your teeth every morning when you’re almost 30 ■■■■■■■ years old, but then that’s also why I’m there, this is what needs to be done.

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