I am pissed off....!

my psychologist did not turn up again…second time…and she was in the building…i have had four appointments she has turned up for two…wow, thank you so much psychologist for turning up for two of them, i feel so so f… privileged.( that is sarcasm !)
so much for building trust in the patient, i am self employed and sz and paranoid and i turn up for appointments.
f… you psychologist.
that is how i feel, this was making me feel better.
take care

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I think it’s time to leave a note or at least make sure your not getting charged for it. Make enough of a point to the desk that you better not be charged money or if you’re up for it, ask for gas money back.

It’s time to say something. That is NOT cool. I hope you either get a new doc or wolf eyes shows up and keeps showing up.

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hey thanks, i am going to get a new psychologist, i am patient but not that patient.
thankfully i have not had to pay for these sessions.
hope everything is good with you and your sis, best wishes to you both.
take care

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She and I have sort of hidden in the bat cave after the rained out camping trip. I caught a bit of a bug and took today off. The head circus really enjoyed the low grade fever so it was time to rest.

Some good food, and no stress and a good long nap I’m feeling a lot better. I’ve been with no phone and no e-mail and for once I really don’t know what’s happening with the other two brothers. The one who went camping with us caught a bit of a cold too so he’s home in bed as well.

It feels great being out of the loop. But I know the loop will find us soon.

I’m glad your going to ask for a different doctor and you don’t have to pay to be ignored.

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make sure you take lots of vit c, orange juice, all high nutrient food, there is a tea called pau’ darco and american native indian tea/health powder i take it all the time , i don’t get sick , it is not expensive.
last flu /cold was 8 years ago.
i hope you and your brother feel better soon.
my solace is coming on here, it gives me perspective. thanks for caring.
you have given me an idea to build a bat cave with a secret entrance to my space ship…
take care

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Wow darksith, that was a pretty crappy thing for that so-called pdoc to do to you.
One super secret batcave ought to fix the damage, send her the bill to make your cave, she owes you that much.

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Psychologists are rubbish and I wonder why your there unless your under a court order…

For gawds sake…they have poor education and poor skills most often for dealing with schizophrenics…

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that is helped by medications…Talking isn’t going to help you ■■■■ if your voices or problems are worse…it’s all about brain chemistry and changing behaviour…psychology is sadly lacking via such things as psychology…you can get one of those degrees so easily and that isn’t helping anyone!

Pdocs are different if you get a good one! A good psydoc understands the craft and that is very much a thing for us mad people! There’s no guidelines that say what medications work well for what people but that is very much a great thing about good psychiatrists! ( A good consumer knows they have a problem. A poor consumer doesn’t take the medication to their detriment! )…

I get 15 minutes with a friggin great psychiatrist once every six weeks…that hasn’t changed over 15 years. Don’t expect much but get educated and go into appointments with an agenda…what, why, where and what pills do I need to get better than I am…it’s not an exact science but it’s what we have…

Your pissed. Use that to get help…seriously. If your mentally ill take what you can get …most medical systems are collapsing to our detriment! Appreciate what you have…

A friend in the struggle,


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Yeah for me, this would be enough to get another psychologist. It seems that there is no respect coming from her part.
Good luck to you, whatever you decide


My therapist missed 3 appointments with no notice, no follow-up or offer to reschedule later. I filed a grievance against him and he got written up. I was so angry. I would show up at the clinic only to be told that he had taken off somewhere. If there is an emergency I understand but he should have let me know not to show up.


sorry that happened to you, wow 3 times that seroiusly sucks !
i am glad you put a complaint in, people have to be accountable for their actions.
hope you have a good therapist now.
take care

thanks to everyone who replyed i was just having a ’ rant ', i have got my crayons out and i am busily colouring my rainbow in again !!
take care