Second visit with therapist

We talked alot about the voices and visual hallucinations. She wants to help. We also talked about issues I have with my brother and dad. She thyinks I may be on too many meds. So she sent an updated med listing to my pdoc for him to review. i don’t see the pdoc until august 30th. my therapist wants to see me every week, so i have to make arrangements with public transportation and my mother in law i offered to pay her gas money but she said she didn’t know whats going on next week.

i called my mom after therapy like she asked and she said when the new president gets elected goodbye social security and then they and me will be home less. my mom also said kay doesn’t love me, but it was kay that originally got me help and was with me when i was in the hospital for my ankle surgery.

Relationships are difficult, esp. family ones.
Can you get an earlier appointment with your pdoc?

I tried but since I don’t always have a last minute ride incase of cancellation I don’t qualify for the call if someone cancels list.