Weird things that guys/girls did to us :)

There was this guy back in the high school prom party who, for some reason, thought that I would be teased and impressed when he started to lick my ear. Ewwww. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I kept waiting for few minutes and eventually run away.
(Talking about the frog :frog: @Minnii )

And once I got a letter from the guy who thought that I’m into him, so he felt obligated to explain me in 9 pages why he can’t date me.


I was in the relationship and married in America over ten years, and then in one morning my former US wife gave a kiss on my cheek and later left a voicemail message telling that she would not be coming back. Next times we saw was in the divorce court.

ahahahaaaa. eww indeed

The weirdest thing for me (non-sexual, don’t want to get into that here) was a guy I dated had a fixation with me massaging his hands. It got boring mostly


I had a boyfriend who was hugging me sweetly, then suddenly stuck his tongue up my nose!!! I still don’t know what he was thinking.

I got a letter like that once. A married friend got into a fight with his wife, came over to my house and tried to kiss me, and I gently sent him home. A week later I got a letter about how he was not and had never been attracted to me and we could never be together because he loved his wife. O_o


Oh that’s not weird, that was lame!
@minii that is very weird and boring indeed. O.o

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Yeah, thats just coward… and sad. I’m sorry that happened to you


In my senior year in high school, a chick I had never met before put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing up in down it, right next to my crotch. This was in the middle of a large meeting with all seniors in the school about graduation, in the middle of broad daylight out in the open. I was terrified and just sit there. I had no idea wtf to do or say. Surprisingly I didn’t find this erotic at all and just went into a state of shock. She called me a jerk for not saying or doing anything and we never met or spoke to each other again.


:no_mouth: that’s just creepy

My ex-fiancé broke up with me in a note he left on the table before going to work. We had been together for six years.

My opinion is if someone can’t break up with their partner face to face, they have no business being in a relationship with anyone at all. But now I’m glad he broke up. Obviously he was never boyfriend material to begin with and hopefully I’ve learned not to get involved with people like him.


Some promiscuous girl in college sexually harassed me constantly. I wasn’t into it at all. If she was attractive I would have been into it. I just played it off. It was just annoying. I said some inappropriate things to her to get her off my back, but it didn’t work; she just became more flirtatious. Ironically, she’s hot now and wouldn’t mind hitting that. I see her once a year. Too bad I’m fat now from antipsychotics or I would be all over her. I don’t like fat people so I don’t like myself lol.

I got put into a trash can from my fellow AFJROTC classmates in high school.

I wonder if theres a girl out there talking to her friends. " then he told me he wanted to lay eggs, it was farked "


She told me if I did enough LSD I would be good enough for her. Then I did ENOUGH lsd and became psychotic and she never talked to me ever again :crying_cat_face:

I thought that was pretty weird


Sexual assault happens to guys too. I dont know why we don’t just teach everyone what constitutes consent. She probably just thought she was being sexy.

I have had two guys who have taken out my earring with their teeth. It was painful and I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish.

On a date with a girl once, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and she followed me in, took the stall next to me, and started peeing. She kept talking to me the entire time. There was not a second date.


I could understand a woman not breaking up with a man face to face due to fear of abuse. But a guy not breaking up with a woman face to face after being together for six years? He seriously needs to grow a pair!

Oh I hope so. I want your legend to spread :egg::ghost:

I’ll pretend I dated you and tell people about you if you like.


Actually, I’m a guy. But yes, he needs to grow a pair. :smiling_imp:

You’re right, of course, about the fear of abuse situation. I didn’t think about that. And I could also understand someone in a long distance relationship breaking up over the phone.

Correction: You’re a guy when it helps your argument, you’re a girl when it helps your argument :blush:

Lol I’m jk but I could’ve sworn you said you were a girl , maybe I’m tihnking of someone else.

Sorry for hitting on you all those days

JUST KIDDING AGAIN IM FULL OF JOKES TODAY…but seriously, we haven’t talked much.


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I tell everyone I know that Bruce Willis wants to lay eggs. It causes so much confusion!


I have not said I’m a girl, but people often assume I am when I talk about guys. Which is understandable.
The second joke made me laugh a little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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