weird dreams as of late

on or off meds i still get crazy dreams for no reason, some i feel like they have a meaning that i cant understand and some just have so many events going on that i forget them a few hours after i wake up

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i have delusions from my first episode of schizophrenia till now about my dreams that people control my dreams and know about what i have dreamed!

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Can you describe your dreams at more length?


For me if I don’t take my AP at night I don’t sleep well and I have weird, vivid dreams

my first time on my meds i had a super vivid dream where my dealer had me meet at a pawn shop in my town but it was in the wrong place and he whispered something to me that i feel like i need to have heard tho i dont know what it was, i cant remember the others for some reason but that one really stuck with me

I had dreams that repeated often

One was in a very old house in my village:

I was in the house, a small ladder to the room under the roof.

I climbed the ladder, my head looked thru a hutch in the floor of that room, empty, dusty, lightend by a small window, around that hutch there were about ten old man sitting in a circle looking at me.

Then i woke up, again and again the same dream.

When i was full blown psychotic i gone into that house, it was like in the dream, the same ladder, the same room, i was never before or after that in this house, i had this dream never again.

I rarely remember my dreams, just glimpses of them…I’m always doing something with a company or design team…

I had some weird dreams this early morning

I get 8 hours of dreamless sleep on my meds.

I often have big, cosmic dreams, with complicated plots about important things but I don’t always remember them though I know I hate waking up from them.

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I usually have vivid and not so happy dreams. Sometimes theyre goofy though, i like those.