Vivid dreams due to meds?

I have very vivid, sometimes lucid dreams. I also remember them pretty clearly. This started when I began taking medication. Does anyone else have vivid or lucid dreams which they think are related to their medications? I read that it is a possible side effect.

There was a period of time when my son was having agitated sleep. I would hear him screaming in his sleep. I thought that this was related to his psychosis even though he was sleeping. I thought that these were nightmares. When I mentioned this to my son’s doctor he said that they were called “vivid dreams” and that some medicines will cause this.

I’m wondering if the drug companies have coined this term because they don’t want to admit that someone can actually have nightmares because of their company’s medicine product.

i have this repeating dream of me speaking all retarded and not being able to move my feet or walk and i blame it on my illness, and i always want to go to the doctor in my dream to fix the dream…keeps happening after my initial dream, when i go back to sleep after my first dream this dream happens…

I think I’m just the opposite. I’ve had some very vivid dreams when NOT on meds. Some were so real they began to turn into delusion and false memory. Some feel so real that it’s hard to pull out of them.

One vivid dream that is Rated G … I have one tattoo that I got when I was out of my head and really couldn’t tell you where I got it, why I got it, how I paid for it… One of my dreams so was so vivid I was sure I was in Spain. I was telling my family about the time I went to Spain and got this tattoo. (I’ve never been to Spain. I can’t handle flying yet.)

Vivid or lucid dreams can happen to anyone. I now have more control over my dreams then I used to. I wrote this:

A footnote to this article that I found enlightening states that the RDPC (the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain strongly associated with delusions) also shows up in dream research. Usually it shuts down during dreaming which is why we don’t notice how improbable our dreams are when we are having them. However it can get switched on during lucid dreaming explaining why lucid dreamers can reason normally while dreaming. I can apply this to my own dreaming. Until recently I could not control the improbability of what was going on in them but I have noticed a change in that most of the time I can now think “This doesn’t make sense. I can do this or fix what is happening.” If my son’s RDPC (believe evaluation) center is not functioning as it should then what would be improbable to me would be possible to him.

My son seems to like lucid dreaming and I think that’s one of the reasons he doesn’t like his medications as they interfere with this. Maybe one of your medications is over compensating.

I talked to my doctor about my vivid dreams and he said that my meds are to blame and that unless they cause me distress to just enjoy them. LOL I think I enjoy them too much, they’re vivid escapes from reality. I’m gonna talk to my shrink about how I often prefer sleep to waking life…because thats not normal.

I still have these vivid dreams. It’s almost bedtime and I cant wait for my next journey to ■■■■■■■ wonderland. Wow I am ■■■■■■ up sometimes, I love sleeping on psych meds because they give me deep sleep and vivid mostly lucid dreams and are preferable to most of my day in reality. Seriously, I often try to sleep in my free time and I feel like my marching to class and ■■■■ is just irrelevant and I live for lifting weights and dreaming.

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Meds can give you the dreams or take them away. As long as they don’t interfere with your daily life…

vivd dream are amazing i dont take med but i did a lot of them but what you should do is to do more lucid dream if you explore the dream world deep enough you wont believe what you might learn :smile: i did over a 100 there rules in that world and logic go into a school sit in a classroom and listen to the teacher or try to find the king just ask random people on the street lol…one time i ask to see my subconscious 2 men showed up one was angry… and i ask them if they were actually alive they said : no its just your yellow box (point at his own head) processing. one way to easily have a lucid dream is to count your finger in a dream you have 4 maybe 6 finger hell on time i had 3 lol theres a site that will helped you to do lucid dream just google lucid dream lol…

I live in a video game world in a lot of my dreams. I think last med change has something to do with it too.

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I’m sort of the opposite guy here. When I wasn’t taking my med’s consistently, then I had very vivid dreams. Now they are so dull and odd.

Huh last night I dreamed about wearing clothes that werent red, black and white (OH FUCK NO) and then I was gonna go swimming with some friends but I wanted to take a dump at my house and got all pissy because I really had to ■■■■ and wanted to ■■■■ in my own bathroom.

That’s all I remember.

Lately I have been having dreams about being in firefights after failed negotiations with terrorists. What a fun time!

I know Remeron will give very vivid dreams. It’s the only med i had dream experience with as i have taken very few APs and for short duration. I did take remeron as needed for depression and it gave me vivid dreams.
But I normally have vivid and lucid dreams regularly, like the detailed one I posted awhile back about the underground complex and m.o.b. doctors

yes i started remembering my dreams after taking venlaflaxine (effexor) . i am checking the kryptopyrroles theory of alternate medicine in which schizophernia is caused by lack of b6 and zinc and also manganese.

i seemed to have many symptoms that inlcuded lack of dream recall for 11 years .i felt like i was ion a coincided with short term memory problmes .nowasyas i remember mydreams reasonably well.and exercise makes it better probarbly beacuse of serotonin increase .according to alternate medicine
kryptopyroles leeches the body of b6 and zinc and b6 is important for dream check your b6 levels.

in case it is low take b6 and better to take p5p(activated form of b6) also . i will let you know more about this

@jamesrbc Hey James , I checked out that stuff about kryptopyrolle. Seemed hokey to me . Almost like they want to make money off testing people for “pyroluria” which isn’t really proven to be a real thing

I had a blood test for zinc and copper levels. Both were normal. So odds are the b6 is likely fine for me as well. I do benefit from B3 immensely though.

my dreams are also very vivid and i can recall them usually

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I’ve started taking melatonin in the last few months and I’ve had some of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had in my life, apparently that is a side effect of melatonin and it could be a side-effect of antipsychotics too.

propranolol gave me very vivid and horrific dreams. apparently beta blockers are known for this. other meds haven’t given me a dream change that i recall.