Has anyone ever tried weight loss supplements

to counter the weight gain from antipsychotics

Yeah I tried them but wasn’t taking the meds at that time. They usually work in two directions: they should lower your appetite and speed up your metabolism. Still if you don’t pay attention to calories intake and physical activity, they are practically useless.

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My friend took some and lost 50kg but he said it was like being on crack.

There’s probably a lot of unsafe ■■■■ out there but I’m talking about proven&tested herbal based products.

If you are prone to anxiety, be cautious of traditional weight loss supplements. I’ve tried them before and found that they dramatically increased my anxiety and thus were not worthwhile. You can easily lose weight without them by reducing your caloric intake and exercising. Get your hormones checked out too since thyroid problems can cause weight gain and are somewhat common.

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I lose weight with no supplements. I don’t know if it’s healthy to use a lot of them. Maybe green tea and hibiscus tead are good, but in moderation. Physical exercises and diet are the key.

Back when they sold “mini thins” over the counter I would take forty of them a day. (If you don’t know what they were, they were ephedrine pills.) First thing I would do in the morning was take forty mini thins and drink five cups of coffee. I had gained weight when they put me on the Haldol shot, and the mini thins did keep my weight down a little. All those stimulants didn’t stimulate me that much. I’d still lay in bed 12-15 hours a day.

Wow, that sounds very unhealthy. If I took 40 ephedrine pills and 5 cups of coffee in one day, I’d probably have a heart attack.

I’m curious how long you did this and if you ever had any adverse effects?

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Back then I was in the worst physical shape I had ever been in. I also was in pretty bad mental shape because I was so isolated.

You build up a tolerance for stimulants pretty quickly. I remember one time I was smoking a joint with this girl, and I told her that one time I took 30 white crosses. She goes, “Oh, yeah, I can remember when that many white crosses would get me high.” As for how long I did it, I think I did it about 2 or 3 years. It took a heavy toll on my health. I was laying in bed a lot during that time because I was on the Haldol shot. I think the Haldol took away a lot of the stimulation of the caffeine and ephedrine. I was weak as a sick kitten, though. I would try to ride a bike, and I would get exhausted when I rode just one block.

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Most herbal weight loss pills are useless. And most effective pills are not only illegal, but very dangerous for a schizophrenic brain.

Wellbutrin is the one I’ve heard thrown about for weight loss, but it can cause seizures if you mix it with certain meds.

I asked my doctor to put me on metformin, its the second week and I have lost maybe 1 lb, it hasn’t really done anything, maybe I need a higher dose.

It never worked for me. And I only lost weight, a lot of weight when I had money to buy my own food during project work instead of eating junk healthy home food. It’s healthy food but I consider it as junk food, I never lose weight on home food.