Anyone takes Hydroxycut for weight loss?

Does it interact with meds?
My brother takes it and he’s losing weight but he’s also exercising and dieting. He told me to buy it.

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Its caffeine, green coffee tea cocoa extracts, hot pepper extract, guarana, l-theanine, black pepper extract, coleus extract, etc

I suggest not taking any supplements without consulting with your psychiatrist.


I used to use that stuff. Have been explicitly told it’s dangerous by several doctors including cardiologists.

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I do caffeine and green tea myself. I think the green tea helps keep my weight down because it is a diuretic, and it lowers my body fluids. The green tea gives me a feeling of well being.

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Instant mania 15


Ingredients are natural stuff like coffee, tea, cocoa etc except for one thing. My brother has been taking it for over a year and he’s fine.

His friends have also been taking it for a long time and they’re fine. Well I am only concerned about one ingredient Coleus idk if its bad for sz or if it interacts with meds.

Your brother doesn’t have sz.

I used to take lots of caffeine and energy pills. Then one day i had horrible anxiety and panic attacks from it. Cannot take those pills anymore and they’re all natural. Stacker 2 or something like that.

You never know when they will lead to bad sym0tons.

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I just cant lose weight bcz of severe negative symptoms. On Abilify I was 90lb less bcz my negative symptoms were better and I was able to go to the gym 4-5x/week for 1-2h.

Maybe I can take a green coffee extract with caffeine for weight loss as coffee doesnt interact with sz or meds.

I use to take it before, but it didnt work while i was on antipsychotics. Now im on capytla, i use all natural fat burners now, i dont like the stimulants of the strong fat burners it gives me alot of anxiety issues. The all natural fat burners i feel alot less anxious.


I am taking “Fat Burner” pills which is probably the equivalent of Hydroxycut pills that you mention. The pill really does help in giving me more endurance and stamina when I go for my runs on the treadmill.


Same here, I think it is the l-theanine in it.


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