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What is everyone’s experience with losing weight regarding medication? I know I was once prescribed Metformin to aid in weight loss but it didn’t help and I would pass out randomly from low blood sugar on that med. I have always had a horrible problem with binging so last March my doc prescribed 50mg of Topamax twice a day. Stopped my binging. Then later in the year I started losing weight when I started putting in an effort. I’ve now lost 35 pounds. I’m scared to come off the Topamax in fear that I’ll start binging again. I’m also scared to switch my AP in fear I’ll start gaining weight again


I’ve been on caplyta for a while. So far I’ve lost a lil under 10lbs. It really cut down my hunger.

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I lost about 20 lbs. about eight years ago, but I put it back on. The med’s really slowed my metabolism. I’ve been drinking green tea, and that seems to bring down my weight, but I think it is just water weight. I piss a lot when I drink that stuff.

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I have been on meds that caused such severe hunger I could never satisfy it no matter how much I ate. I felt like my stomach was the grand canyon. Meds affect everyone differently, the one that made me the most hungry didn’t make a friend of mine hungry at all. There are anti psychotics that don’t cause hunger created in the past thirty years. I never understood why psychiatrists don’t prescribe them more, they could be bribed by a pharmaceutical company. And if you ask a psychiatrist what their names are they won’t tell you or if such a drug exists. You have to look it up on your own. I’ve never ever gotten a prescriber to tell me what’s really available in new drugs and I’ve had around fifty doctors and NPs. I got off the anti psychotics that cause severe weight gain, and I’m staying out of the hospital. I feel I’m degenerating from my illness though. Things change and I’m doing different now. My issues have escalated. I still think I’m a saint and one with God deep down inside. Or I’m a fallen saint. I was hospitalized twenty times or more from 1995 to 2007. I have not had to go back since. I live on my own, alone, and I really need to do housework. I lost 20 pounds in 2008 with a change in meds. I have kept it off. For awhile I gained back ten pounds. I lost it in a month by cutting sodas out of my diet. My blood pressure dropped 50 points too. I don’t ever diet. I don’t believe in it on these drugs. It’s stupidity for a doctor to tell you to lose weight while taking some of the drugs. Exercise makes me hungry. I don’t think about what I eat too much and it works. Auto correct should be banned! I’ve had to meticulously edit my work because auto correct changes every second sentence!

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