Weekend shift

well I didn’t want to do it. but it looks like im going to have to find a job. hopefully I can work like 20 hours Saturday and sunday and have my weeks free. everything is a commute around here unless im able to get hired on at the pizza place in town.

anyways wish me luck with my job search.


I did a security job on the weekends

it was 16 hours a week @ 9 dollars an hour

it took some training to know what I was doing

I was hoodwinked by a coworker, that’s why I left

I was there almost 2 years, and still on SSDI.

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Aren’t you on ssdi?

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yes I am. but I don’t get that much. like $800/mo. and now I have lost Medicaid and I have to pay my medicare part b premiums, which will leave me with 654/mo.

I have some money saved because im not very spendy, but im thinking it may be best to spend it and get on ssi and ssdi. right now I have too much to qualify for additional ssi money. I guess the lesson of the story is spend your money or hide it from the gov’t.

I would rather not work, I am disabled after all.

they will return that money to you,

the Medicare premiums

but maybe only for Medicaid recipients

why’d you lose Medicaid?

my state only has for employed persons

I had to lie and say I have been pet sitting

not a total lie, since I’m certified, and have done years ago.

I lost Medicaid because our gov’t is incompetent. they ruled against me even though I filled out there stupid paperwork. I have an appeal date set for January 7th with a judge and I have a meeting where I reapplied for Medicaid January 4th. hopefully I get my medicare premiums back. I will have to get a job without it.

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what the hell?

a judge?

oh God, I hate these Repub governors.

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