I just went to the bank and got my disability money

I get 391.00$ a month.


Good thing your parents are rich.


I got to live on credit from the shop till payday. I went a little overboard the last months. A mate of mine told me to get all my disability money out as we are expecting hackerattacks and take even the little money you got, but i never trusted the banks. I was always worried about money cause i was reluctant getting charity. But i can’t work anymore and depend on charity these days. I still wear rags cause they were original new clothes at some stage and not second hand. Its already difficult buying clothes in my size, almost impossible to get second clothes in oversize.

Oh my goodness. Why so little. What Country are you in? Are you working as well?

I don’t know why I get less money. I’m on medicare not medicade. If I was on medicade I would get 600 dollars a month. I’m from the USA. The reason why I’m on medicare is because just in case if I get a job.

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It seems to me that you need to fill out your paperwork better than you have done.

Is there a social worker in your town?

I’m content with how much money I get. I think there is a social worker in my town. I told my dad I didn’t want to be on medicade, because I thought I would feel shamed.

Have you ever worked before, @Jake?

I’ve always thought that 500 - 600 was the standard for ssdi, especially if you haven’t worked before.

Yes, I’ve worked before.

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