Weed isn't a drug, it's a plant

Therefore i’m not a drug user, I’m a florist.


Have to be honest that’s a pretty weak claim. Not sure what you gain by pretending you’re not a drug user if your using cannabis

Cocaine and Heroin are derived from natural sources - what is your point…


There is a difference. Florists don’t smoke roses.

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Used to be op, in denial

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Whatever helps you sleep at night lol

I don’t think you understand what the definition of a drug is but ok

It’s actually an herb. That comes from a plant.

a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
“a new drug aimed at sufferers from Parkinson’s disease”
synonyms: medicine, medication, medicament, pharmaceutical; More

Abilify is a drug, am I a drug user for taking abilify??? Yes. But it’s not a bad thing necessarily. Weed isn’t so harmless after all but there’s way worse drugs.

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I prefer sativa rather than indica. I like to be “up and around” when I smoke and I feel alive more when I get high on sativa. Listening to “kill 'em all” by Metallica right now.

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I prefer sativas as well. Do you have a medical marijuana?

I did in Arizona. truth is, I got far much more quality not buying from dispenseries. I think Arizona caught up and got their quality back up on their product by now. I’m stuck in Oklahoma now, but the bud is superb.

I think there are two active psychotropic drugs , THC and cbd ( is that right ?). I think skunk/weed is far more harmful than resine because of the occurring ratio of these drugs. Its ironic because when I was in college resine was the poor mans cannabis , but now it seems it has protective qualities against psychosis because of the more even ratio of THC to cbd. Scientists now believe that cbd has protective qualities when it comes to mental illness.

And add to that psyllisyben and peyote.

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heroine is also just a plant.

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You mean like Wonder Woman or Polly Purebred, lol.

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As a former medical marijuana provider?..

I have to call ■■■■■■■■!!! .

On the people saying that a substance like heroine is the same thing?.. You are just too dumb. Or too payed

I would suggest you inform yourself on what a drug is before calling people dumb.


So the processing of poppy means nothing to you?.. How dumb are you?..

So the processing of cold medicine means nothing to you?


doesn’t change the fact that it still is a drug…