Medical Marijuana/Weed?

Do any of you smoke weed? Has it helped? Any bad side effects?

Weed is very bad for people with psychosis.


it does the opposite of helping me. It’s not for me at all, but some people can tolerate it

I guess discussing smoking weed is frowned upon on this site. Apparently they are concerned because of drug induced sz. Marijuana is responsible for some cases of first episodes of sz I guess. Being under the influence of marijuana feels a like being psychotic so…yea. They don’t like us talking about it.

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I tripped out last time I smoked weed which was six months ago…it was cool before the illness but now it will only make me go backwards and undo all of the progress i have made. Even if its medical.

I thought pure CBD was not addictive.

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Pure CBD is supposedly not addictive, and might be beneficial. On the other hand, I’ve seen reports of the pleasant high from Charlotte’s Web on drug forums. I haven’t tried it myself, so I wouldn’t know if it can give you a high or not.

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It’s very likely that the pleasant effects I’ve seen reported were placebo effects or due to other substances. I’m inclined to believe this isn’t another example of a supposedly non-addictive drug actually being addictive.

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I go REAL crazy when I smoke weed

Take it from me, I smoked weed for 10 years.

Don’t do it. Even though it’s different for everyone, just don’t. It’s not meant for people with mental health issues.


I think weed prepared my brain for full blown sz. I’m probably one of those cases.

However, when i got stabilized on meds i tried weed again, out of pure curiosity. I like to play like that, once i was told it’s because of my scorpion ascendant hahah :smiley:
Anyway, sometimes i get really scared and paranoid and sometimes i dance to the music feeling every bit and tone of the song.

It’s not worth it.

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Devils lettuce.

I used to smoke regularly and heavily. Sometimes I managed to get high with hardly any psychotic symptoms and sometimes it would give me full blown panic attacks on top of increased paranoia and voices. All in all, it’s not something people with psychosis should probably use. Yes, maybe a scant few can be fine on it, but overwhelmingly the experiences of others have shown that it’s more dangerous than not for us.

I am interested in trying CBD for anxiety and joint pain possibly, though.


Weed has been proven clinically time and time again to be very harmful for those with psychosis. Sooo many research studies out there to back it up. Some people say it helps with theirs but I believe this effect is indirect and likely short lived. Anxiety and stress can trigger psychosis. They smoke weed, feel relaxed, and thus don’t get psychosis. However the weed itself w continued use will eventually push them into psychosis.

Weed is good for a wide variety of different health disorders and even certain mental health disorders. Psychosis is not one of them.


Modest amounts of Cannabis helps me, I am bipolar with psychotic traits. As long as I take my antipsychotics I am fine. It mostly works for me as a type of antidepressant for me. Before my previous psychotic episode I was able to handle alot more and feel great. It is definitely something to be very cautious of when you are someone with a psychotic condition though. I would suggest nearly all psychosis condition sufferers to stay away from cannabis unless it is a strain like a.c. d.c which is predominantly cbd

Pot affects people with baseline psychosis more then mania induced psychosis. Most mania induced people I have met smoke pot and they are fine. But I do not agree with pot at all. They are legalizing it here in Canada very soon and I think there is going to be a lot of psychosis coming to the surface.

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