Weaknesses in my willpower. tips?


I noticed I’m taking longer to get out of bed in the morning thinking about not being able to smoke a cigarette when I get up gets me depressed and I don’t get up until around 1 or 2 pm every day. I just a day ago upped my meds through my pdoc and so I am hoping that it helps with some of my behavior. This is only day one of not having weed and I know if I bought I would not have money for food so I am telling myself I am leaving it for good. with no option even to do it if my friends bring it over. I love it but it ruins my life. dammit, why can’t I just be a rockstar? well, I’m not and so I plan on not living like one anymore.


Sorry I can’t help you man I have terrible will power. Congrats on not smoking. Man I enjoy as much time in bed as I can take. Still get out of bed before noon though.


I miss getting up like seven or eight in the morning and enjoying the whole day just hanging out. I posted this on facebook and a friend said, “take a walk in the morning” to get me out of bed. I am going to try that tomorrow. nice hearing from you @BryanAshley


It’s nice,at least you are trying,don’t give up unless it’s very very bad(sad),if you don’t give up totally I think you will still get where you want,maybe


one thing i started doing once i get out of bed is to make my bed right away, so that hopefully it my brain is registering that its time to stay awake and not go back to sleep


I have a similar problem with alcohol. If I didn’t live at an assisted living center there is no telling what time I would get up. On the weekend my days and nights get completely turned around. What you’re experiencing is very common to many schizophrenics. Try not to be hard on yourself.


@crimby man it is a tough deal. this is my last night to give up weed and I keep getting resin hits out of my pipe since there isn’t any more weed. I am telling myself I am going to watch the sun come up and then I’m going to give it up completely. that plus if I go to bed now I won’t see my girlfriend when I get up. can’t miss that. mr. crimby I do wish you the best my fellow okie brother.


Maybe going to Narcotics Anonymous would help. Take care.


Could it be you are feeling side effects to your higher dose of antipsychotic?