I feel o.k. today how about you?

other than a bad cold i feel mentally all right.

how about you? getting up and going to work daily is a blessing for me.

also my hobbies, i.e. music, is a real lift.

i wish i could get into reading a novel.



Hi judy sup???
I am okay okay …trying to fall asleep…why u wake up so early…

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Takes a bit that reading.

I used to devour books before the sz. Took a long, long time to get back into reading.

I think walking helped me heaps. Walk half an hour a day at a good clip…get the body fitter…mind comes along!

Try little steps. 30 minutes of walking three days a week is great for body and heart. It’s good for the mind too!

Buy a book that is easy to read. Set aside a half hour before bed to read…it’ll help you sleep.

Small steps!


thanks for the tips rogueone. sounds really good to me.

i like to get up in the middle of the night far cry so i can have peace and quiet to do my own thing. for me this works.

keep the peace, judy :blush::heart_eyes::sunglasses::grinning:


I feel good today I can feel all my meds working.

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I feel terrible…no motivation…no interest in anything. No nothing. Sick of it

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I used to devour books too before sz.
now I just can’t read. no motivation and no concentration…

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so sorry honey, hang in there

I have no one to blame for the way I feel. Thanks BTW. But the biggest person to blame is myself, but I can’t blame myself either. At least I’m not finger pointing at anyone this time for my problems.

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other than waking up so early, I feel good. I can always take a nap later, that’s the great thing about not working. I’ve been taking naps anyway. I think I finally got enough sleep, yeah! Now I’m just waiting for my fresh brewed iced tea to cool down, yummy. It’s going to be a great day!

Did u miss any meds, or u just feeling bad today

well what’s going one jon?

Feeling bad about a week now. Didn’t mess any meds. Just suffering from hopelessness and anhedonia. No med could make me wanna do anything.

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Its like nothing brings me any pleasure and I DONT WANNA read that book. I DONT WANNA go to school. I DONT WANNA go to work. I DONT WANNA lay around all day and do nothing. Sick of society, sick of life.

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Are you enrolled in school and working now?

Neither but everyones encouraging me to work. I don’t wanna work. I don’t wanna not work either. Id rather not work than work, but don’t know what to do all day. I feel lonely too I need a new friend.

are you agitated? restless?

exactly… e8291p182i2u3

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I’m not sure @tera if either of those words describe me. Ive been smoking too much weed too. I will run out today so hopefully I wont go and buy more immediately after…

That could be the cause of many of my negative symptoms

What do you think @tera? Is there any hope for addicts like me :sob:

Don’t know what to do anymore

OK I’m done ranting, I think I got my point across. Just life sucks. The end. But I’m not gonna kill myself or anything too scared.

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Jon hope u feel better soon…my man …!!!

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