"We are weak, but He is strong

The long gone are strong? How do you figure? Let’s concentrate on the living. I don’t mind the teachings of the deceased, but I do mind getting delusions about them.

You are weak, but I am strong. Rely on me and follow me, and I will guide you to greatness.

I worship the greatness of a strong cup of coffee.

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What kind of a person does the guru seek? The weak, the confused, the true believer.

It’s been all over the professional literature since the '50s that I know of that schizophrenia is often – though not always – associated with early life conditioning to 1) perfectionism, 2) strong moral convictions, and 3) belief in scientifically unverifiable phenomena.

Theodore Lidz, Stephen Fleck, Gregory Bateson, Paul Watzlawick, Donald D. Jackson, C. L. Winder, John Clausen, Melvin Kohn, Murray Bowen, John Weakland, Ronald Laing, Aaron Esterson, Virginia Satir, Jules Henry, Matthijs Koopmans, et al, et al, et al,

I believe in all of those tenants. Do think my childhood contributed to my eventual illness.

That third one sounds really funny though.

As if there was no scientifically unverifiable phenomena.

I am learning so much from your posts. I was exposed to the 3 things not moses mentioned. I have sung the Jesus song. I have experienced scientifically unverifiable phenomena. I just learned from reading JimBobs post about premordal phase of schizophrenia. I also believe in the awesome power of that cup of coffee. I respect the idea of wanting to only deal with what is science or fact based too. Guess it takes all kinds to make life the beautiful mess that it is.

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I learned a new word…
an apatheist is someone who considers the question of the existence of gods as neither meaningful nor relevant to their life.

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