We Are Leaving ‘Lost Einsteins’ Behind


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In the international competition to produce a work force equipped to cope with accelerating rates of technological innovation, the United States is leaving hundreds of thousands of highly capable people by the wayside, perhaps even millions.

“Current talent search procedures focus on the assessment of mathematical and verbal ability,” wrote David Lubinski of Vanderbilt and Harrison J. Kell, a senior researcher at the Educational Testing Service, in “Spatial Ability: A Neglected Talent in Educational and Occupational Settings.” Lubinski and Kell stress the failure of many of such searches to test for the cognitive skill known as spatial ability.

This omission, they continue, leads to

a substantial missed opportunity. Many spatially talented adolescents may never approach their full potential due to a lack of opportunities to develop their skills. A great loss occurs at talent searches that identify intellectually precocious young adolescents.

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It is known that Einstein was passably good but not great at maths. He worked with a mathematician for his theory of general relativity. But he claimed to be able to visualise things (real or not) with great clarity. So that must be why they mention his name.

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If you are born with an incredible gullible brain, that brain will accept incoming data/info without ever questioning that data/info. And so you will quickly rise to the top of the class and absorb data/info like the desert would absorb water. You will whip through grade school, high school and university, and pop out the other end with multiple PhD’s, or at least one PhD.

However, if your are born with a wise brain that questions everything before accepting it, you will learn at a slow and wise pace.

Your teachers will then list you as a mentally challenged person, since you have learnt so slowly.

I learnt slowly and wisely, and so I was listed as the dumbest person in the class, and so I eventually dropped out of school prior to having obtained any physics education.

But I thought that I would give it a shot to see how difficult it was for Albert Einstein to come up with the theory of Special Relativity(SR).

Since I had no physics education, I started from scratch, by analyzing “Motion” to determine what it is, and what it is that is required to make motion possible.

Before I knew it, I had independently discovered the Special Relativity phenomena, and at the same time derived all of the the SR mathematical equations.

But sadly, since I had no impressive credentials, my work was laughed at.

See " KSP Special Relativity " to see how I did it.

One physicist said that today, Einstein would not stand a chance at all in today’s universities.

So it is kind of funny that if you are able to do the same as Einstein, your are today thought of as a nobody.

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Maybe you’re a savant ^^^.

The “memories” told me I was like a super genius (Einstein, Newton, and Hawking) but not anymore. Some people call it psychosis.

I did stuff. Created things in my other lives. No evidence or proof anymore, I think. Just schizophrenia.

I think and consider Einstein to be one of the smartest people whoever lived except Jesus, really. I really like and enjoy Einstein. Less intelligent people complain about him for their own gain, but he really was right about everything.

I had contact with ‘aliens’ or ‘people’ and I guess that’s why I’m here now suffering…

you should study math like real analysis and topology. fun stuff. I never made it that far in math.

When I was in school it seemed like there were quite a few students who were better than me in math, but I always got put in the honors class. This one guy came in who they just stuck in an honors class, he wasn’t an honors student, but he was picking up the algebra much quicker than me. A lot of those people seemed to have no appreciation of their own abilities. They seem to think they are destined for blue collar jobs.


It helps to have a healthy level of self confidence. If you’re bullied,as I was, for being different, that can really affect you. I seriously doubt I’ll ever have a stable belief in my own abilities. ‘I did well, so I’ll do x’ is more often than not quickly followed by ‘WTF did I do x? I’m not good enough.I’m a fraud’.

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