We are fighters; we are strong

If you are reading this, I am proud of you. I’m proud that you woke up this morning no matter how hard it was and that you are brave enough to take each day as a new challenge. Schizophrenia is a crazy disease and it’s one of the hardest to battle. You are so so so so strong. Never give up the fight. You’re amazing and I hope you have a great day.


If so called normal people had to deal with our symptoms they would be more sympathetic. A lot of them do try very hard, but sz isn’t something you can understand unless you have experienced it.


Yeah, there’s just no way to understand what it’s like to not be able to tell what’s real from what’s not real. To hear voices inside your head. To have the strength to fight against the voices sometimes.


Good to hear that someone gives a ■■■■.

And I was literally a fighter before scz and this is harder than just being a dog. I used to “hang with” meaning “I was in the league of” hand to hand combat instructors. I beat all of them besides the chief instructor when I was 19, then I quit because I wasn’t challenged.

True story.

One day in my ■■■■ would have most normal people killing themselves.

Oh wait it does.

I currently “hang with” the best researchers at my school…in psychology. Actually I’m the best one in my class. That’s a true story too.

Talking ■■■■ and it’s all backed up, like the papers I write, it’s full of facts.

And by the way I still box for fitness. That and I actually workout every day, BMI said I was very overweight but my waist to hip ratio was well off the chart. My body is still…yeah.

But I’m a nice guy. I just have to be a type A because it’s a dog eat dog world and I’m the breed that gets eaten alive.

Really I am nice, I just have to be this way because of the world I live in. It’s do or die. Not a game. No safety net. Instead of having money to fall back on, I’m an investment myself.

The guy who diagnosed me saw this ■■■■ coming.

I don’t think anyone else did. I think the odds were slim to none. Safe bet that I was gonna be nobody.






The great thing …and it is a great thing…is that once your own mind has turned on you? everything the world throws at you is just filler.


Thank you!! I need this today

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Thank you for this post.

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thank you Brightside for all that respect for us you write of here. it’s encouraging to read posts like yours. hugs, judy :grinning: :relaxed: :blush:

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Thanks :smile: it’s always nice seeing positive stuff on here

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Glad I could make you smile! :smiley: :relaxed:

*could understand

Had to deal with should be could understand. Many of them do, on a daily basis and never realize it. It’s hypothesized that schizophrenia exists on a spectrum that extends into the healthy population. The trouble is that it’s also degenerative, from what I understand. The general consensus is that a combination of environmental and genetic factors contribute to the disease, so there has to be a tipping point somewhere i’d think.

Even hallucinations, the processes involved in waking and sleeping especially can contribute to hallucinations in normal people. When you become schizophrenic I think, is when your brain starts to lose track of what is real and what is not.

It starts with oversensitivity, which is something i’ve been dealing with for the past few months. Things seem almost too real. I can hear people from very far away, I can’t tune them out. I’m always listening to everything.

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Last night in a dream I was speaking with a saintly figure, and he said people with schizophrenia are helping clear out the mass collective consciousness that has been in turmoil since the beginning of human criminal activity.

What if that is true? What if our minds are helping break up & defragment all the chaos that would be or has ever been? That’d be cool, eliminating negativity & suffering one day at a time, as a team.

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It really is suffering tho

But once all the possibilities are eliminated, suffering can be done away with for good…? There are only a finite amount of people alive at any point in time in the Universe, so by eroding their opportunities to cause evil, perhaps we are “sealing evil” once & for all-time away from causing harm again.

I don’t know. I often try to come up with therapeutic thoughts like this, and they often arive in dreams, but anything is better of an explanation than “it’s all just delusions & hallucinations”. To hell with that self-defeating mentality; my suffering HAS to server some higher purpose, some greater good - it can’t just all be pointless agony.

Prophets of old were once revered for their work, most likely enduring illusions like us. And God spoke in those times, according to scripture, and stated that he made those deemed “worthless” by the world’s standards the “highest authorities” in the future, as a way to rebuke the ungodly; making the lowly ones the greatest, as a way to denegrate the self-seating authorities.

So, you think we are ordained by God to serve some higher purpose and to end evil once and for all?


“Safe bet that I was gonna be nobody.”

After I became mentally ill my own wife told me I was not going anywhere and she left me. She got it from her mom who is a wannabe psychologist. The lady says she has a degree, but I find it hard to believe. Just the way she talks and thinks it is obvious she does not. On top of that, she did not even know about pavlovs dog. I made a joke about my daughter being like pavlovs dog because she would fall asleep every time she was in her car seat. The mother-in-law got pissed at me and said I was talking crap about my own daughter calling her a dog. Point is screw them, do good to spite the doubters.


It’s a strong & encouraging belief… and that’s all beliefs are for if you ask me - inspiriting positive will & determination.