I'm a fighter

Pdoc said I was strong and a real fighter. That I manage to survive and keep my job and family. She was thinking of my symptoms. I don’t know if that was a positive remark from her. Or if it was pity. She did look concerned. But who am I to judge, I have a hard time reading people’s emotions.


Whenever I see illness, kids and a job in same sentence I feel like building that person a monument.


That’s a good thing, what she said. She admires you.


Well I was a fighter and still box for fitness, and I’ve never met fighters like people with schizophrenia. Our fight is against our ourselves–split mind.

Take it as a great complement from your doc. Sounds like you are a fighter, and not just a fair weather recreational one, sounds like fighting the illness is your life.

Hey it’s my life too. I have been told the same–that the life of a person with schizophrenia is a heroic struggle.

It really does follow the hero’s journey myth. It’s a thing.


she was giving you a compliment :trophy: :heartbeat:
take care :alien:

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