Schizophrenia and Mental Toughness

Anyone else make an equate fighting their symptoms of schizophrenia with gainin mental toughness.

I use to do boxing (while schizophrenic) and found that fighting schizophrenia reminds me of Rocky IV where he fights the Russian Ivan Drago.

The longer you’ve had this disease the stronger you come mentally at least when it comes to fighting it.

There Are times when I feel mentally defeated but the quote where Rocky talks about how life will beat you down and keep you there if you let it, reminds me to keep fighting.

One day we will be cured or beat schizophrenia.

Good luck in your battles my friends.


My only two bullets against this beast of an affliction are my music and my humour.

Sometimes I get criticized on this forum for being too flippant, but it’s my only way of breathing sunlight into the darkness.


Getting recovered is a journey, and everyone has their own way of getting recovered. Many consider getting recovered just when they get a job, have a relationship and take a degree. I think it just means you’re following a path.


Mental illness humbled me.


Yeah I would say I have mental toughness in my own rite. Like I’ve gotten tough against myself. But with other people I sort of have a weakened immune system.

It’s the only life I’ve known since 15. I’ve learned to turn some things into my favor. Music. I think about getting out my ‘new’ guitar which I’ve never played. Maybe some songs are waiting for me there.

They say music is good for staying mentally young.

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This is the only life I’ve known. I was always just odd. But through all of my struggles and all the pain I’ve been through I feel like with this condition, I’ve finally reached some stability.

I look back at how I used to be and I see that I’ve grown very much. I’m not perfect but I’m getting better.


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