Fed up fighting sz

its been 30 yrs since i got sz.

i can feel physically that my brain is not alright.

it feels messed up and cranky all the time.

bcoz of that brain state i am always having stupid thoughts.

i call them stupid bcoz they r not necessarily negative thoughts, they r just meaningless and crappy, then there r low, negative, depressive and old events thoughts.

i have to fight them 24x7 and that sucks and is really energy draining.

very rarely or if any i have positive thoughts. i have to force my mind to think positively.

its really a pain.

o how i wish i have a positive and clear thinking brain just as it was when i was a child.

this sucks.

but i have not lost hope n will keep fighting on.

good wishes to all of u.

does anybody relate with my kind of mental state?


Yeah I can relate. I still get into that frame of mind once in a while now, but less often and less severe

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Forgive yourself for past events… people wrong us and we wrong others…

I have past events that haunt, and are a monkey on the back.

Worse I’m analytical and critical minded; on me too, and with long term memory negatives looking back Are like a ‘drop of ink in a glass of water.’

Hope you can lift yourself up or find solace that I go through it too, and Maybe I gave you some new comparisons to make you think about?


thanx @Cragger @anon64158233


I get fed up with fighting schizophrenia from time to time. But it’s dangerous to stop fighting it.

I’m always on the lookout for little ways to improve.


Eat well and get as good sleep as you can… and exercise, i’ve been walking everyday.

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yea i agree.

yes we should improve bit by bit

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yes i agree

i try to eat/sleep well.

i dont exercise but i walk a bit daily

Yeah, I get tired too.

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