We are due a cold snap here

Not like Canada level cold, but arctic air all the same


Winter :snowflake:️ season here in WV,US officially begins December 21rst but it was 1degree Celsius this morning


Yeah we get -1 degree c on Sunday. First time this season to dip below freezing


Oh. I hope thats in England too. I am in the mood for some cold weather

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Yeah is England too @anon90843118. After the long hot summer, cold is welcome


you guys in the UK (england, scotland and ireland) are troopers this time of year. the artic is right above you and it’s freezing there i hear.

just two islands surrounded by freezing water. showing your cousins from across the pond how it’s done.

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Is certainly pretty cold up here in Scotland. England is generally a bit warmer

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i’m not one to play into stereo types, i might poke fun at them cause i have a broad sense of humor.

and i’m not in this post either.

but do you all wear those thick wool sweaters instead of newer materials like goretex?

i ask cause i wanted to know if it’s comfortable and you can move around in it?

i live in a state where it gets cold but not super freezing all year.

i think i remember it getting to -15 C here when i was young but that was one time.

i mostly layer up. hoodie, jacket and second layer of pants if need be that day. no gore tex for me though, stuff is unnatural even if it is warm.

pointing this question at the scottish folk.

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egg on my face.

i’m more into wearing the simple things. i go for duration over comfort mostly.

but forget i asked. didn’t mean anything by it, generally curious is all.

35 degrees in the sun tomorrow and I’ve got to mow the oval! That is two hours on the ride on so hoping there’s not too much rain tonight and I can start early before it gets to lunch. That is only good for basting turkeys when it gets to that!!!

i wear layers, i’d love a really good jacket though but those are very expensive, the one i wear is cream coloured but its not completely waterproof, it looks like a goretex but isnt, i put a grey scarf around my neck and i have a hat and gloves in my pocket if needed, also wear a couple of pairs of socks.

i think i need some boxer shorts and socks lol

me too haha. my wardrobe is starting to get threadbare again.

sometimes when it’s super cold here i break out the thermals, especially if i go up on the mountain or if i spend all day outside goofing around with people in the middle of no where.

I hope not haha - im tight when it comes to putting the heating on! lol

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God I wish I could borrow some of that cold weather

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Yea that’s the only down side…

Omg I am so cold need to get thermal under clothes. Is it snowing where u are

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I must have been a peguin before I love snow and cold cold weather.

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No snow here, but I think there is in the highlands

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Goretex? Lol. That’s not winter clothing.
And you don’t wear wool on the outside. Wool is for the inside layers of clothing. You can wear a wool sweater inside, but you’ll need a jacket outside if it’s real winter (which they don’t really get in Britain, by the way. The ocean makes it milder there).

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