Ways to be happy or content with yourself

There are multiple, individualized ways you can be happy with yourself, and content in your life. Sure we always need to IMPROVE parts of ourselves, but we also need to be at peace with our illnesses, and accept who we are. And then figure out ways to make ourselves more content in life.

I need to lose weight, but I know I’m working hard on my diet. I’m glad that I’m changing my life in this way and actively making healthier decisions.

I’m often tired before my day starts. So I drink one cup of coffee and eat an energy bar to get myself out of bed. Sometimes when I don’t have that energy, I end up homeschooling in bed, and the kids cuddle up together while doing school.

I’m quite often ill or sick in some way. I deal with a chronic inflammatory condition. I’ve started taking cbd capsules, gummies and oils. I’ve been able to cut off most of my pain meds and I sleep better at night. It’s really increased my activity level.

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my life, and be happier. Lately I’ve had crippling depression, but it’s getting better here and there.

What things do you do to have a better quality life? I’m here to encourage you.


Wishing you well @oolaloola :slightly_smiling_face:.

I got my dog Mason

My thoughts were that to have a companion would help me as I live alone

He’s hard work, but I think it’s worth the reward

All my life I have had dogs, and I hope I can keep my employment local so I can look after him

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I need to lose weight too. Today was a good start as I didn’t eat as much. I’m pretty content with my life, except for my arthritis and needing to lose some weight to help it.

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