What are some ways you use to be happy and feel happier?

I am always had this little depression that goes through my brain ever since I wake up in the morning.I want to fight it and make myself feel happier,laugh more and smile.Is there any advices or tips anyone here can give me?
I hope you are feeling happy now


Take the time to accomplish simple things to help you feel better. Too much time dwelling on the negatives is bad for anyone, sz or not. Learn to accept your faults and try to see the good things about yourself too. Make sure your meds are working, if you have symptoms that disturb your well-being, address the problems with your doctor. These may sound kinda dumb or maybe I sound like a cheesy greeting card dork, but if you can treat yourself with a little kindness, it can go a long way.


Do a little bit of exercise. I know I harp on it so much these days but for helping those little things a good brisk walk in the mornings does wonders for my mental health!

My motto is a little more each day and it really does make a difference. You feel better. You will look better…and so on!


Try to count your blessings
Be optimistic and hopeful for the future
Go out for a long walk


One word … no one sentence
Antidepressants completely turned my life around
And all I had was a vague but constant ‘lack of joy’

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Being active helps with depression. Try not to be alone and occupy your mind with something (hobby, work, volunteer, friends, etc). Asking for help is also important.


As I said in another post. Fake laughing produces endorphins like real laughter

Get into a morning routine. Make it somethings you like. Take time to enjoy and notice the little things.

my routine:

  1. sit on the side of the bed and just stretch for about 5 minutes. Try this now. it feels great. Stand up amd stretch the back hips, and shoulders.

  2. The coffee. Take time to taste it and not just gulp. there are a million different flavors of liquid coffer creamer out there.

3.breakfast, pick something simple. toast and jelly, instant flavored oatmeal, etc Quakers instant apple flavored oat meal is my favorite.

  1. I know this will make you raise an eyebrow, but I pick one small thing to improve around the house. This could be putting books back on a shelf. emptying the clean dishs from the washer. folding fresh towels.

Caution: please dont pick anything emotionally icky, tedious, or spend more than 10 minutes.

icky: washing the dishes, anything involving scrubbing nasty stuff.

This is to be pleasant and easy to accomplish.

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