Was my psychosis diagnosis a misdiagnosis?

I think that is hard to say from behind a screen.

Do you have a nurse or therapist who talks to you regularly? Could they make a plan with you of positive goals to work on and how to achieve those?

Maybe you want to heal trauma and get emdr. Maybe you want to learn better social and emotional skills and could get a training for those.
Maybe there is a hobby that you love and want to dive into.
Maybe you want help to improve your relationship with your family.
Maybe you want to get even better at math (you were good at that, werent you?) and want to do a program for that.

Just some random ideas…

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No idea if this is any good…I just know sources in my own language.

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I have to pick up my kid…hope you can aim your energy and thinking power at positive goals. We cant choose that for you, you have to see what is important for you. I hope you have a nurse or family member who could help you with that.

Ignore the stupid label, just start building up other positive things. You can do that just as well with the label.

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I guess you are right.

Overvalued idea is same as delusion

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where did you get that from? i read studies and they said it was different…

The ideas you have presented like poisoning and your mum wanting to hurt you and then you feeling so scared that you need to hide… to you these are overvalued ideas but they are also delusions to an outsider

okay i can accept that but may you please call them overvalued ideas instead of delusions, by calling them delusions youre calling me delusional and that is pretty harsh

I feel society often uses these terms with negative connotations but we aren’t looking at it this way here… we in this group are looking at it another way not to critise you for being delusional… its so you can realise that what your thinking isn’t common and the reality of the situation… so we basically saying you will need meds to see things in a clearer light like most people

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most people do not need antipsychotics

Yes but we often do so we can see reality like most people … otherwise it just gets difficult to relate in a world no one understands us


Just look through your own topics and posts,

Does that seem like a stable person to you?

And I think you’re just fishing for attention at this point.

We’ve told you everything we can.

This thread is just the same people saying the same things,

Myself included.

Well - I’m more OCD so it’s not fishing for attention, rather its reassurance seeking.

And no it doesn’t seem stable and I’m well aware of that now but I just don’t like people calling me delusional, you should get that. Sorry

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