I've never experienced psychosis. Should I stop visiting this forum?

The closest I’ve been to having a delusion has been believing I had schizophrenia. Time to redress this mistake. What do mods think?

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Its really up to you, its not others who will decide.

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Yes? What can I do for you?

Based on your posts, I’d say it looks like you have a mental illness of some type. I’m no doctor so I can’t diagnose.

You do have obsessive tendencies.

Exactly, I’ve got ocd, not sz as claimed by some overzealous doctors. I feel guilty being here.

Some of your posts seem psychotic. I can’t think of examples here, but obsession can be psychotic.

All people with psychosis are welcome here.


Thanks. Some of my posts are perhaps a little weird, but I seriously doubt they are psychotic, but I also know this forum is not in the business of handling out diagnoses.

Just look back at some of your previous topics,

You clearly have something going on that’s causing you all these thoughts and distress.

True, but not sz, just existential stuff, but thanks for the input.

You are welcome to stay here. You are part of the community. We don’t kick people out when they are doing well.


Maybe you are 1 in a million. They don’t give out schizophrenia diagnoses easy here. Even i wondered about myself sometimes.

I think you might have it though. I would get a second opinion or another doctor. Or bring it up with your doctor.

If the existential ruminations interfere with your life, then that means something.

You said you haven’t worked in 30 years because of personal shortcomings. Not so sure about that.

I’m not a doctor, but some people with PD like schizotypal might have issues working. Usually those guys take low dose meds if having issues.

Some are reluctant to see doctors. Usually see them when anxiety or depression is out of control. Same thing with schizoid.

Even with schizoid there can be some impairment.

I got this from wiki over the years.

If I didn’t have schizophrenia I would have been super hard working, probably an investment banker or in finance. Schizophrenia ruined my life. I would have been happy, had the American dream, and been successful. I was smart and hard working and high functioning.

Schizophrenia ruined my life and destroyed my self esteem and damaged my psyche.

Don’t fool yourself.

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Many thanks…

How will you get money if you can’t work and can’t have disability now? Did you think about it?

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Good practical point, but I’m not going to fake sz. But then again, my pdoc might decide that I am sz after all and that I’m showing lack of insight. They#ve got lots of tricks up their sleeve.