Was Kurt Cobain Sz?

It kinda makes me wonder with lyrics like “today I found my friends, they’re in my head” also with his imaginary friend he had talked to and even wrote his suicide letter to. Would also make sense as to why he lost the ability to enjoy his performances. Could also be depression, but I’m curious as to whether people have looked into this before.

I would guess depression…and a wicked drug habit… coupled with the lithium he was a ticking time bomb…

He might be bipolar…:neutral_face:


his dx was …Diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depression

we both win…i wouldn’t have guessed add though…

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I doubt he was schizophrenic. bipolar maybe…with all the heroin he was doing I think he just comes off that way. He showed signs of paranoia though in his songs…good point.

for me it always seemed I would be thinking that people I know about like famous people possibly have the same thing as me but if that was true sz would be way too common among famous people
I think it is very rare that kurt cobain had sz because I’m pretty sure he was on a ton of drugs theres no way he would have been able to even live life continuing like that if he was sz and not medicated
one day when I was a lot crazier and didn’t have meds yet I went back and listened to a bunch of Eminem songs from the relapse album and I was convinced he has schizophrenia which I’m still not sure about because he has said a lot of stuff that would make u think he has it

He was bipolar pretty damn sure.

dangit bp md and add… his official dx… I searched famous people with sz…the first page is this one…with a nice list… its rather short though…

I really doubt it.

I know some people with schizophrenia can be high functioning and hold down professional positions but I can’t see any schizophrenic being under the spotlight and scrutiny that Kurt Cobain was. Sure, schizophrenics like Saks and Nash and Friese did it. But I don’t think that if Cobain was schizophrenic that he would have been able to handle touring, performing in front of thousands of people, writing music and lyrics.
I couldn’t see a schizophrenic handling the scrutiny of a rock star (OK, I meant Grunge). And I can’t see any schizophrenic handling the chaotic lifestyle of a famous music star. He had his demons but I never have seen written anywhere by anybody that they thought he was schizophrenic. I hate to be a downer but what I wrote seems to be true.

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Kurt Cobain was bipolar… an example of a famous musician with shizophrenia would be Syd Barrett.


As far as I know, he was never formally diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Kirt was a heroin addict. I watched a documentary on him and Nirvana.

I believe he was killed and didn’t take his own life. The suicide note wasn’t his writing. That’s what some believe anyway.

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Kurt Cobain suffered with Bipolar, but I don’t think that he was ever officially diagnosed.
He also was a Heavy Duty Heroin Addict and did other drugs.


I would believe he’s diagnosed and medicated because of the song Lithium. I may be wrong though.

Just like Jimi Hendrix made the song manic depression. Who knows tho.

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Kurt Cobain and Manic Depression.
Kurt never took Lithium.


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Brian Wilson of the beach boys was officially dx’d w/ SZ IIRC. But yeah, Cobain was bipolar. Bipolar’s have hallucinations and delusions during manic or mixed episodes.

@Thebigempty043 if you wanna hear a diagnosed schizophrenic musician who tells stories about being psychotic…then check out Insane by chew https://soundcloud.com/jonjames1/insane on #SoundCloud :smiley: