Was it the medicine or was it the voices

Ok so I wanted your guys opinion. When I first started risperidone in hospital my voices went quiet. I was glad. However, before they went quiet coincidentally my voices told me that they would be giving me a break. So what do you guys think Was this the medicine, Or are they trying to trick me? Any help appreciated

They are trying to trick you, its their nature,

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Sooner or later you try coming of the medication than you find out.:expressionless::grinning:

The voices are another part of you. You knew you would be taking medicine to stop them. These voices, which are you, also knew the medicine would stop and the voices would stop. Consider it confirmation that the voices are really a part of you.


I’d be happy and just forget thinking about schizophrenia if my condition was normal. You’ll need to find distraction from it.

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The more you think about the voices the more you will analyze them, do you secretly want them to come back? When I was 16, my voices of my ex talking to me telepathically were scary but it was cool he and I had that power. I avoided him for 2 years and then he went for a walk with me, It felt weird not hearing his thoughts, and I would still talk in my head because I knew he could hear me. He just used me for “hooking up” as I found out 2 years after that. I wasted all that time thinking he had all these supernatural abilities and he was taking advantage of me being psychotic…


I was gonna say the same thing Louise

you took the words right out of my mouth. :slight_smile:


The meds stopped your voices. That’s what the meds do.


If they start scaring me I try and remember they are a result of chemicals messed up in my mind…they are my thoughts trying to present themselves as new information…which doesn’t fool me cause they never say anything I hadn’t thought of before.

Thank you louise, that really puts it into perspective. I was lost

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Thank you all so much for replying

They have lots of tricks up their sleeve. Mine told me to take the meds n that they’re not real meds loll


Lol. I wish mine would tell me that.

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Haha yea. It’s ironic really

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My voices only seem like they are trying to trick me during an episode. During one episode telling me not to wear a coat cause they will recognize me…it was 20 below out and I had hypothermia when the police found me. Would that be considered a suicide attempt I wondered…that was a horrible episode I would have jumped off a bridge if the voices said to.

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