How are the voices being

Yesterday was bad. I often can’t remember what they said. I’ve told a few to shut up
They go away when I sleep. I think my effexor is helping the depression. What’s your thoughts about your voices?

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I find it crazy how real the voices I had felt.

This will sound bizarre but they sounded more real than the real I’ve known before.

But it’s schizophrenia


yes they sound real to me too. its all day. i often forget too. i will think someones there but its a trashcan. a lighter strikes and its an icicle. berated all day.

distracting. too much to function.


When I take certain meds the voices get worse. I know they’re not real for the most time.

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seroquel does that to my head. everything sounds wonky. supposed to make it stop but it also gets weird. yes i need to get there again. not real. not real.

the stumbling block is they rationalize or maybe irrationalize with you that it is.

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I’ve started telling them “thanks but no one asked you!” and things have been calmer (most of the time)

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