Was it hard for you to get disability?

I’m trying to get disability and I really hope I don’t get denied I don’t have any other income if my dad died today I would be on the streets so can you guys give me some tips and do they actually check up on you like every 5 months or so ?


I got mine easily. Some people get checked after 6-12 months, most get checked every 3 to 5 years, and a minority of others get checked every seven years

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it required filling out paperwork with doctor’s names and phone numbers. then there was an in person interview with a gov’t worker.

i get reviewed every 3 years and it always gives me anxiety. but it’s not every 5 months. i havent been hospitalized since my last review, so i wonder what will happen to me, next review. but i got my pdoc on my side so that gives me comfort.

It was easy but I should have applied 6 years earlier. Glad to be back at work now though.

I still get my VA disability but lost SSDI. I can get it back for about another 2 years though.

No, I must have touched cat poop.


I got mine quickly.
Thank goodness.

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Yes as I have not been able to get on it

I’m in the process of an application too. It’s been over a year and it’s complicated. Same for me. My mother has schizophrenia and both her and I are completely dependent on my dad; she wants to drive but she can’t right now. I can at least drive, and I don’t currently have a car. I’m in recovery and have been doing really well in my sobriety. I wouldn’t mind reviews or anything. I am trying to take classes online and stressing over that, but I am hopeful in all ways and keep trying to find solutions. From what I have read, you can still volunteer or work part-time with schizophrenia even if you are on disability. I want to work, but find it very challenging and difficult even though I’ll keep trying.

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I got it with two referrals and a brain scan sent to them. I also wrote a letter describing my daily difficulties.

It was easy. I honestly believe they look at prior work history. Showing that you want to work if you could. For example I had a ba and some pretty good jobs. I was also in the army. So they looked at that and said well this kid would work if he could. He just caught a really bad break and he can’t anymore.

So if you have poor work history and little education it’s gonna be harder. I mean I don’t have a perfect work history.

Should it be that way? I don’t think so because maybe somebody wasn’t working and has no education because they were mentally ill.

It’s all up to a doctor/psychiatrist I think. It seems that’s how they do it though. I just observed that because the people who generally get it right away have those things.

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I’ve had it since I was fifteen and have been trying to finish school and work since then.

I got SSI easily.

A lawyer came to see me while I was in the psychiatric hospital. I don’t know who called him. I just signed his paperwork, and he took care of applying for me. It took about three months before I got a check.

The guy who lives behind me said he’s been working on getting disability for 2 years.

I’m not sure exactly what his disability is though…

For me it was easy. But i had a bloody good support worker. All they did was copy my clinic notes to the DWP - and i got ESA and PIP with the severe disabilty premium.

Never attended a medical either. But i consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, i know people that get naff all with physical disabilitys and they are still fighting for it.

I swear its still a bit of a postcode lottery in the uk.

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