Was I injected?

Just had a huge fight with my Dad. I believe someone has been sent to my home by my father and have got me injected though I have no memory.

Was I injected?.

You wish you were injected

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I thought you said you were going to take meds. Have you changed your mind?

i dont wish to be medicated, thats why I keep asking

No man , just realised you are the other guy on the forum. Why do you keep asking that question…you have asked at least 10 times

I have a legal case on my name and may put in a hospital for good labelled “Crazy” or “Unfit” by my parents…so I cannot take Meds and be less aware.

You keep changing your story.

I’m more aware now that I take meds.

I change my vulnarability to be medicated which is not safe for me in the long run. I am sacrificing short term pain for long term happiness. Once I am off the legal loop I can be a free man…u wont understand (its not your fault) since I am not talking/revealing a lot of things for personal reasons but i have reasons not to take meds

are u in a relationship?

i would have started meds long while back if I was safe. Now that I am not safe - i prefer not to take them

No. This is a persistent delusion that you need to seek treatment for.