Injected possible?


Ive been living away from my parents as they manage to inject me always with Antisychotic injections.

Been away from them since the past 15 days. The thing which happened was that there was a paper found in my Bag which I carry around (and what was present with my parents) and a paper fell from it.

The paper was folded and I touched the paper and opened it for about 15-20 mins and later threw away the paper. Now I have a thought that there was an Injection inside the paper and that Injection pricked me .

I dont remember seeing any Injection during that moment and later after throwing away the paper I couldnt see the injection anywhere.

Is this my delusion ?.

Possible, yes.
Probable, no.
Even if it was an injection, it would be out of your system by now.

I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there. But it doesn’t sound likely except in a spy novel. It sounds pretty far-fetched that someone would really think that would work. But hey, I’ve heard of weirder stuff than that happening before.

It happened yesterday.

Dosent antisychotic injections depot last for 2 weeks?.

Mine last for one month. It is a 20mg/ml Fluanxol depot.

Depends on how much was injected.
My 75 mg shot of haldol decanoate took over a minute to inject in my hip, and it lasted for only 2weeks.
No way that could have been done and me not know it.
Don’t know any injectable meds that could be sitting on paper and get absorbed through touch only.
What if it weren’t true that you got an injection? What if it were?
Why fight it? why go back for more if you think they are hurting you?
What if you volunteer to get an injection? Then you won’t be fixated on IF you got one, and maybe it wouldn’t matter if you did. What if you felt better after?

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OK right now im fine.

Im going to a Therapist the problem is that my parents know the Therapist and can get in touch with him.

Today is my second session and the therapist spoke rudely to me.

I suspect he in touch with my parents and may inject me with some medicine.

I spoke to him and asked him he denied that he is in touch with my parents.

Can I trust him ?

I think you need to be on some kind of drug. If you handle it responsibly they will probably be willing to work with you on what drugs you need to take.

Trust is not easy to give, people should have to earn it, but at least give your therapist a chance to get you feeling better.
If you are prescribed meds, take them long enough to kick in, and if you experience side effects that really bother you, let your pdoc know so he can do something about it.
Give it your best effort, and time, then if things are not getting at least a bit better, try another pdoc.

You really need to get back on meds.