Was certain I was being surveilled today

Went on the bus to get my depot. When I got back there was a weird guy in a suit walking real slow. Anyway this set all my alarm bells ringing. Rushed home to change my clothes so he wouldn’t recognise me. Was planning to do some counter suirvellance.

Jeezo do I feel stupid.

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You’re not stupid. Man, paranoia sucks. I’m sorry. Hope you feel better soon.


Don’t feel stupid! I sympathize with you so much.

Can you practice thinking up other reasons someone might be there when you see someone who sets off your alarm bells? You don’t have to believe any of the reasons, just think of a few.

I often think of the ladies who came into your pub a few months back, and how uncomfortable and frightened I would have felt in your place. I remember how relieved I was to hear from you that they were lawyers working on something unrelated. I wasn’t even there, I didn’t even see them, but just hearing about them made me paranoid.


Hey @Rhubot. Thanks for your support. Didn’t think anyone would remember my little episodes so I am touched. You obviously experience similar stuff - this stuff is hell. Wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

So thanks again!

Ps thanks @Minnii too


Well, changing wardrobes is pretty smart, actually! I am also a little heavily into surveillance, too, sadly. I would record my driving 24/7 with my little plug in dash cam. I called it my “car’s black box” that would hold the key to my death should I die a mysterious death in my car. My passengers were always unnerved by the fact that I would insist on recording every moment they were in the car, including all conversations, but they put up with it because I told them it was for liability purposes.

Suits are very scary…I would totally do the same. You are not alone. Just try to breath deeply and question your logic!

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Thanks @HQuinn for the support. Think suits tend to effect our community. Is kinda comforting to know yourself and @Rhubot experience almost identical symptoms - it reassures me I am not the only person to have these sort of thoughts.

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Don’t feel bad Jimbob. I’m always convinced cars, people, helicoptars, are all watching me.

I try to reason with myself that no one cares enough to spy on me. But it’s hard.

Hang in there, stay well. :slight_smile:

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i feel like i’m being followed from the drug store. like they want my pills, so I take different routes home.

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