Thought I was being followed today?

Saw a car from the local council parked outside today. Instantly thought they were suirveilling me. Mum picked me up to go shopping. Had to quit and go home half way through.

Was certain a guy was following me around the supermarket. I hate this. Just when I think I am getting somewhere with this illness a single car can floor me. Anyone else have this?

I do. Mine is white vans


I’m getting better about vans and bigger cars… but I get a bit stressed out in the market.

When it seems I keep running into the same people again and again in the market I get edgy. I do think I’m being observed…

Or if it’s young single guys and I’m with my sis or my girlfriend… I think they are the ones being stalked.

I hate it when I get like that… in other areas I keep thinking I’m doing Ok.


I get paranoid all of the time - lets say a whole lot, especially when Im stressed.

I do understand what you are going through @Jimbob - paranoia is horrible and a tough symptom to deal with.

The Risperdal does not address the paranoia for me too well - I might have to up the meds or add another antipsychotic to the mix - the other day I thought this guy was following me in the supermarket - I was thinking that he was a goverment agent - it was strange.

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Wave doesn’t care for my comments sometimes, but she/he (?) is right about the relationship between stress and paranoia.

Mountains of research (and whole books about that stuff, like McEwen’s The End of Stress as We Know It and Sapolsky’s Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers) have demonstrated that chronic stress produces inflammation of neural tissue in the brain’s limbic emotion regulation system… and that such inflammation is what is seen in the autopsies of the brains of those who were paranoid.

Regular use of anti-psychotic medication tends to at least lessen the reactivity of the autonomic nervous system, the key component of the stress response. Lessen that response, and there will be less inflammation. Lessen the inflammation, and there will be less paranoia.


Not true @notmoses about me not caring about your comments - Im a He by the way.

I thought I was being followed today too, and I woke up less than an hour ago.

Like come on that’s like saying “I have schizophrenia” no really? On the scz support forum? SYMPTOMS? Oh that’s unusual.

Just yanking your chain. Yeah it sucks I always think I just hit someone when someone tails me when I drive. I hate driving. OCD flare ups like hell, blended with psychosis and sprinkled with anxiety.


this thought process gets less an less…over time.
take care :alien:


Are you taking meds @Jimbob? If you are, which one?

No AP has completely killed off my paranoia entirely

Fifteen characters

There’s been times when I thought the police were following me around. I still believe that. The police can play some pretty mean tricks.


@Jimbob You might see something in the thread at Paranoia, Belief & Perception that will pry you loose from the stuff. Take a look?

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the best way to defeat those fears and phobias is to disregard them. try going about your daily business as normal without minding the intruders. Refrain from giving them too much attention. Control your mind toward this goal.


Though this was standard tx practice years ago, it is no longer. Now it’s “look straight at them, listen to them, and feel the feelings, but do so from up outside the box of identifying with the voices or feelings.” This is how it’s done with DBT, as well as ACT, MBSR, MBBT, MBCT, 10 StEP, etc.

If curious to know what all these letters stand for, reply to this post, and I will run them down with links to each, much as I have done on other threads.

Even if you were being followed (which you likely were not) who cares.