Im been watched

people are watching me al the time. so i have to quickly walk to the shop and back,

i was out at the doctors the other day and i know someone had been in my flat because the icons on the computer were smaller than normal.

i live on my own with the cat.
my ex husband used to live with me and he used to spy on all my stuff i did with the computer, and he made sure i didnt have a smart phone. very controlling. i dont know if he has a key - he said he doesnt. but hes lied for the past few months so i dont believe him anyway.

im off to see the support nurse tomorrow so i will let her know

thank you for listening x


sounds like slight paranoia again tbh :confused:


I’m not alone alas paranoid disorder I keep thinking people are out to kill me
Do you think people are trying to kill you Aswell?


@Dylanissues not this time but a few times i have thought people were spying on me to kill me. this time its different, they know what i have in my shed and they want to come and get it, and they know what ive bought from the shop.


I was at the doc today, he said “just cause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” haha. Some could be paranoia some could be real. Talk to others and figure it out.


It’s not paranoia if it’s true. Sometimes it’s just better to think you’re insane.

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You could change your locks. I get paranoid at times too. I think it’s an ongoing battle of sz. It’s good that you are talking to someone.


My only advice is to talk to a doctor about these thoughts. It sounds like paranoia. If you take the normal precautions, like locking your shed, I would think that should be enough to ease your mind.
I honestly don’t think anyone is plotting to kill any of you. If you spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about these things, it’s probably not such a good thing.
I hope you can find some relief from these troubling thoughts @bennroxy and @Dylanissues


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