Was afraid today

Today when my sister did not come home right away, thought something bad happened to her like she was in a car accident. I was thinking this and I was already mourning her. My mom said she was alright and I was relieved when I saw her enter the door. She took the long way home. This intrusive thought felt so real hope I don’t have this again. Will make sure my sister takes her cell phone next time.

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Its ok to worry just don’t do it in excessive amounts…go distract your self if you feel it coming on…go watch fail videos on YouTube failarmy is a good one…

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@see121 I do that ALL the time!
I have an FBI record because my mom went on a trip and always called me the same time everyday. Well, she didn’t so I filed a missing person’s report and still no word after 3 days so I contacted the FBI. They came to my house and actually put out an FBI broadcast searching for my mom. A cop pulled her over in whatever state they were in and she had to wait for the FBI agent to come there to verify it was her and everything was okay.

My mom jokes about it every time they get ready to go on a trip - “now don’t call the FBI on us again…”


Holy ■■■■ that’s the story of the week lol

I worry excessively, I cant help it. especially about my partner. I worry about her getting hurt at work, getting sick at work or if she is walking home getting hit by a car.

Worried about others - my family is a big thing for me. I always go to worst case scenario in my head. I see visions of the horrible things that happen and it gets to me. I have no control over it. I gotta keep my peeps protected Yo!.

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Your poor mom must have been so surprised when she got pulled over.

I always assumed the police handled missing persons reports. I had no idea the FBI would get involved—ya learn something new everyday.

they got involved because it was interstate - covering more than one state. At the time there was a wave where older people were being hijacked on the interstates.