Warning! Trigger: Weird things through childhood

I checked my moms pills and they are for Bipolar and parkinson’s (for some weird reason? + prozac). She got diagnosed in 1994 I think when I was 6 and the psychosis lasted for 4-5 years through my childhood.

Now that we were talking about grasshoppers, reminded me of something.

Once when I was around 6-7 I was taking a shower and saw a grasshopper on the window. So I freaked out and as a child, I came out of the bathroom screaming naked and crying.

My mom was very ill at the time and she was so angry that I was naked and she killed the grasshopper and told me what are you doing? they are watching us.

so freakin creepy disaster. No wonder I am mentally ill as I have seen some crappy ■■■■ during childhood.
My Mom’s illness was much worse than mine, I can not believe she survived after these years. I love her.

That would creep me out.
At 6 years old, being naked shouldn’t feel so bad.
Being watched at 6 years old…and being naked, well,
SHAME on the watchers!

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I don’t know if you are kidding but feels like I endured a lot too.

It’s where therapy is helpful to get the full story of your life and help to get some closure. (((Hugs))). Sounds like lots of healing from the past is needed. Biggest regret now is not starting therapy a long time ago.

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No, I’m being serious here.
I went through my entire childhood hiding from things that no child should have to endure.

There is a time and a place for humor, but this is not one of them.
I’m sorry you had to go though things like you did. Hope you can find some peace soon, it’s good to be able to not have this kind of stuff still bothering you today.

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