Want to know more about my rights and how I can successfully refuse to take medications

Hello, I have been diagnosed with a schizophrenia and hospitalized 6 times in the U.S. in the last few years. I would like to know more about my rights and what to do if I am hospitalized again and pressured into taking psychotropic medications. I have watched some videos from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and I have also checked out a book from the library called “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker that gives scientific proof against psychiatry. The book cites studies that show that people with mental illnesses did better in the long run when they were not treated with any medication. The book also shared testimonies from people who were harmed by psychiatry and some of the stories showed that taking a lot of psychiatric drugs can actually lead to an early death. I have decided that the CCHR videos and the book I read are telling the truth and if I am hospitalized again I would like to know if it is a good idea to refuse to receive medication.
In 2009 I had a terrifying episode of mental illness where I was afraid that people from a past company/ town were planning on killing me. I was hospitalized for two weeks. Later I was diagnosed as having schizophrenia. The five other hospitalizations after this were less severe episodes. Last September without warning I was suddenly afraid I was going to die and begged my parents to take me to the hospital. I decided to take the medications when I was in the hospital because I was afraid that they would hold me against my will if I refused and it would be more difficult to be discharged from the hospital. In a past episode I refused to take the medication at first but the hospital threatened to take me to court so because I did not want that hassle I gave in and took the medication. Later after I got out of the hospital I found in the paperwork that the hospital was going to try to transfer me to an Institution if I had continued to refuse to take the medication.
I am not sure if it is better to refuse treatment or to go along with it if I ever am hospitalized again. One article I have read said that a popular method to get released from the hospital is to just play along and take the medication. However in my last hospitalization I gave in and took the medication and later I received a bill for hundreds of dollars for the medications that I received. I think it might be better to refuse to take the medication.
Also I think that being pressured to take medications in the hospital is an attack on my religious freedom. Because I am a Christian I believe that one of the factors contributing to mental illness is spiritual/ mental attack from the Devil and his demons. I believe that demons have the power to attack people by putting the wrong thoughts into their minds including thoughts that lead to mental illness. Psychiatrists and hospitals want me to believe that the only problem I have is within my brain, that it is just a biological disorder or chemical imbalance. This goes against what I believe about the Devil and demons because I believe they are supernatural beings and they cannot be controlled by medications really. In my first episode I actually heard voices saying terrible things and I believe those voices were demonic in nature.
So please let me know if it is a good idea to refuse to take the medications in the hospital and let me know what I can do to prevent forced treatment and what I can do to require my release from the hospital without receiving treatment.

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Well, I am actually opposed to Scientology because of my Christian faith and belief in the teaching of the Bible but I think the CCHR videos still point out problems with psychiatry. However the book I am reading “The Anatomy of an Epidemic” is not even connected with Scientology but it shares stories from people who said they got worse after years of treatment with psychotropic medications.

OK, yes you will always read studies that show SOME people do better without medication. But do not fall into the trap of thinking that it’s EVERYBODY who would do better without medication. Some of the the anti-psychiatry, anti-medication faction would want you to think this bit it is simply not true. As an intelligent adult you must be able see that medication helps a lot people. Maybe not everybody. But on these forums I have read dozens of testimonials from people who were non-compliant and would not take medication and they suffered greatly for years and did not get anywhere in their recovery. Then eventually they found a medication that worked and their life turned around for the better. That book you read is ONE book. It is not the definitive authority on medication. Hell, you can read opposite points on every subject under the sun. There’s still people who believe the world is flat. If they published a book claiming they have incontrovertible proof of their claims, does that make them right? There’s millions of people who thought the Beatles were a lousy band or that Frank Sinatra couldn’t sing. You see my point, right? I’m not totally discounting Robert Whitaker’s book and it’s content but don’t necessarily base your life on it. Patients harmed by psychiatry.Yes, I will admit that it happens. But surgeons kill people all the time due to mistakes. Should we ban surgery? No, because it helps the majority and doctors are only human. Killing even ONE person is not OK. Incompetent surgeons and other incompetent doctors need to be weeded out and banned from practicing medicine just as some psychiatrists need to be stopped from practicing medicine. It does not mean you should condemn the whole field. Maybe psychiatry is not all it could be or all should be but colleges are always looking to improve their schooling and knowledge when teaching future psychiatrists.

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I wouldn’t take them at first either.

After the second tortorous psychosis i realized that i had to. If you have a choice between the two it’s just obvious what you must do. It’s not fun and the meds aren’t perfect but it’s really all that we have.

The only thing worse than meds is psychosis.


Sounds like you’ll be trading off legal fees for medication fees in your scenario. Unless you are one of those proverbial fools who would have himself as a client. I’d hazard a guess that hundreds on dollars in meds would be cheaper than hiring a decent lawyer to represent you at a commitment hearing.

if your going to not take meds you will atleast have to go against what you believe to have any success at all

I think most people here would say that its not a good idea to refuse the medications, if you want to get better. Try them for a few months before you develop an opinion. They generally start with higher medications levels to get the “Positive” (i.e. psychotic) symptoms under control, then decrease them to decrease the side effects.

But - definitely give them a try. Most people benefit from them.


I do know people who have recovered without medication, so it it is not impossible.

How the mental care treats you totally depends on the doctors and your own functioning levels. Passive people do okay without taking high doses of the psych drugs sometimes but it can be really nice to have help sleeping as the insomnia makes a women very obese. (Seroquel is nice suggestion for this in low dose and will keep some of the psych doctors from pestering you about medication too if you are calm with doctor and you show the other meds never gave you results.) Assertive people and the evangelicals get defensive or overly assertive, and that doctor will give you something to regret like a forced weekend stay in mental hospital at your own expense. If you are a preaching to strangers you do not know, you could be deemed a community nuisance or stalker and you will be locked up in some communities or be left with few employment options.

If your healing has not happened yet, you may have a past abuser in your life you need to forget & avoid. You know who you were associating with around the time your symptoms started. If anyone had a family abuse history or anyone was unokay, this person may be haunting you even now and you need to cut ties without explanation and just not return contact attempts.

Some people who only hear the voices sometimes have the symptoms start up in the company of specific people or situations. The people who avoided these situations and refused to answer demands from the voices got voices to stop in 2-3 years sometimes…

A change of surroundings can help so you are not around the people associated with the abuser but you have to do this in a protected environment where you are able to test the waters temporarily elsewhere without a lease and you have another place to stay without a lease.

Christ does not help us for holding onto some, except to know the burden of their relationship will keep you being okay forever and you choose to strongly suffer through your fate without bringing any other victims into this PLEASE. Christ can help you deal with accepting association with a troubled person but please do not be an enabler, strongly refuse and just serve your time quietly without getting anyone else in trouble.

Due to your environment or past abuse history of associations, you may end up hearing the voices forever. Lots of people do okay hearing the voices some of the time and just working in a job that keeps you busy. You need to keep your health in mind and leave time to eat right and exercise instead of workaholic approach. Women get sick and really obese doing workaholic. Failure to sleep enough will reduce your ability to work, concentration and coping with the symptoms so medication may be considered if it is a problem. In my opinion, if you have a past history of abuse, I would rather listen to the voices than keep being abused and serve a master…Refusal does take a lot of patience, grace and suffering. Many still end up hearing the voices for decade or more. If you do not talk to yourself aloud, it will be much easier to get voices to quit.

Sometimes you be able to see a therapist monthly to discuss your current functioning levels and you may be excused from taking meds if you totally act okay, do not get in trouble and function alright at activities of daily living. This is a get-out-of-jail card POSSIBLY if you are hospitalized in retaliation for pissing out someone in your community or a family member. Using the services of a therapist instead of psych meds also depends on your spouse or family’s acceptance of your symptoms as man-made, spiritual or bio-chemical…Your spouse and family can have you locked up for fighting so you have to be a very mellow person to get this to work. It did keep my disability check coming for 2 years to just use therapy but I developed such a bad insomnia problem causing massive weight gain, it was better for my health and patience to take a little seroquel at night (cut in pieces) to help me sleep. I cope much better with the voices rested. HOnestly, some of the social worker therapists have VERY LITTLE USEFUL COPING TRAINING to even discuss with schizo victims and actually may do more harm than good. If you try to discuss an abuse situation some of the therapists will cause you more distress and anxiety.

I really do not know how to get you out of the mental hospital without submission to meds demands. If you try to get regular counseling from a pastor or priest or counselor affiliated with the church, this person may be able to get you out of the mental hospital without taking medications. You may need to contact your state department for the disabled or attorneys recommended by such to establish this right in your state. Some attorneys will not accept these cases unless you can pay a huge upfront fee or you want to discuss it with local newspaper for prestige and do not care about facing stigma in community. Your pastor may be please with this opportunity. – But most of time, you need to take the meds during the hospitalization and court-ordered after-care period just so you don’t get thrown back into the hospital.

If you are on social security disability payments or SSI, your local office may try to cancel some who do not take meds.

What exactly did you experience during your second torterous psycosis?

During what they are calling the prodrome i quit my job and began starving. Things started spiraling, my friends eyes turned red and i began to divine for no reasons with a pack of cards. I started losing sleep and the terror began to boil over.

All of a sudden it was 3:00 again all of the time. A few visual hallucinations here and there. The voices were terrible. At one point i was just writhing in my bed gibbering because they were in my mind saying horrendous things.

It was around the time i had my nde that i decided to leave. I woke up and there was flashes of light and wind in my room. Then i heard moaning behind me from several entities and i started levitating off my bed toward them. I was placed back on the bed and woke up in a pool of terrified sweat, you that kind of sweat that comes from terror?

On my way south i happened on a random pyramid where i was taken to the top and voices were taking over my mind trying to get me to kill myself on top. It didn’t happen so i kept going.

Ended up on the beach getting tortured. Sitting outside of a restaurant someone was drawing alot of attention to the large word “SPIRITS” on the side of the building.

Pan showed up to, he just came out and stared at me. Half a goat, wtf is that? The entire time it was just torment and hurt and fear and threats and creepy bullshyte. I remember after a cop sent me away and i was going into the dark forest they started talking about mephisto being there with me in the blackness, some ancient being, it was creepy.

And at one point some being became a movie i was watching visually, the guy on t.v. slowly turned around and began grinning and staring at me, he put his hands on his hips and did this strange walk. I understand it was a visual and no one would have seen it but i also understood that someone was in my mind doing it to me.

It was like a month. All fear, terror, threats, pain, and creepy creepy stuff, having my inner being invaded, almost forced to end my life on a pyramid, gods appearing, visuals and nde’s caused by them.

The entire thing was ■■■■■■ up. I was possessed and it hurt alot.