Walking more

so i have been walking more and trying to get up and keep fit,

i have been walking in the woods and i plan on walking to the gym today,

luckily the gym is not to far but it is still quite hard for me to do, i am hoping it will be easy and if i like it i will be walking to the gym and back, i want to do some boxing on the punch bag :slight_smile:
maybe do some boxercise as well :+1:

but i want to see if i can walk there and back first.


@Resilient1 how far is the walk one way?

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I’m trying to do this too. This place doesn’t have any hiking though…Just paved bike paths you need to ride a bike through or jog in a group to be safe using…Too much happens to go alone any more.

I love to walk now - at least 30 minutes everyday, sometimes as much as 1 hour and a half or more!
Walking everyday has made me lose weight and control my blood glucose levels.
The thing is, I dont care where I walk - even in the house is fine, the whole key is to move around - this is the whole idea


i’d say about 1km

and i did an intense work out, burned 366 calories it said but i did more than that

they basically showed me around the machines and then i decided what i wanted to do, i also got on the punch bag which i wanted to do,

had some anxiety on the way back though bc i think i over did it a bit, or i had walked to long without a break.

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It might help to take some water with you on your walks.

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