Walked 10km today

I started really to worry about my weight. I started exercising recently and today I walked 10km without resting. I am planning to do it everyday.


Yeah that’s positive!
I walked over 11200 steps so far today.
Going to walk at least 10000 steps everyday.


I started with a simple fitness tracker and a goal of 10,000 steps a day. I now jog for up to 5km’s a day and do weights and cycling. It does get easier and making a habit of it helps. Routine really is good for sz.


Maybe we’ll walk in the park across the street tomorrow, I’ve been wanting to for a while but I’m nervous of being outside, hope you enjoyed your walk :]


Its not as bad as it seems @burntbythesun
I sometimes get anxious about going out but once Im out its mostly fine.

Thats a lot! Well done.

I’m inspired by all of you! Even when we struggle, because we are trying! I am just beginning to run, been brisk walking two weeks running for one and I love how good it makes me feel.


I’m proud of you guys. It’s a real achievement to be that active. I have had a bit more moderate goals. I try to walk minimum 30 minutes a day, and on rare occasions I take to the hills and have a long walk. I am contemplating maybe starting to run a little. Hopefully I’ll get started some day :relaxed:

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Wow what everyone is doing is great. I’m scheduled for an MRI next week. That might lead to a better understanding of my chronic pain that prevents me from walking like you guys.

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I hope they find out something that you can use and that you will be able to be more active.

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