The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


The first rule of the 10,000 Step Club is that we don’t talk about–

Oh, what?

Sorry. I’d better start over.

This is a club to encourage people to walk 10,000 steps per day and to track them with whatever device you have. If you can walk 10,000, great! If not, post what you managed for the day and try to keep moving every day. Odds are you’ll get there.

Please keep this conversation on topic. Just post your steps and nothing else. Avoid side conversations. Also, there are no winners or losers here, so don’t feel bad if you have fewer steps than others. Anyone who fights their way off the couch and gets some steps in is a winner here.

I’ll start a separate thread for fitness apps and fitness tracker questions/discussions.

Ready. Set. GO!

The 10,000 Step Club (trackers and apps)
Weight continues to be a problem

I’ll start things off…

All I could manage today. Right ankle is kind of sore.


Very difficult . No pedometer but roughly 2100 mostly walking up and down the hallway and into the kitchen . Reckon I’d have to walk for about 140 minutes to achieve 10000 steps. It’s a tall order .


Didn’t have my phone with me today.
So no steps were tracked.
Very lazy day, lounged about the house in pajamas.
Haven’t been feeling so well.


May still go for a walk. Kind of windy.


What I managed today. May not be posting for next couple of days as we’re driving one province east to take Princess Pixel to the archery nationals in Regina, SK. REALLY hoping to see others joining in by posting steps!

C’mon people, let’s move!


I do time, distance in kilometers, calories & speed in kilometers per hour.


Just curious @MrSquirrel , what fitness tracker do you have paired to your Samsung smartphone?


Samsung Gear Fit 2


@MrSquirrel COOL! A Star Trek TNG theme and a iRobot app for your Gear Fit 2… I think.


You can download watch faces and I found the TNG one in the libary. It also accepts notifications from my phone. In this case, the Roomba ate too much.


Having no pedometer it’s very hard for me to tell unless I’m actively remembering to count my steps . Yesterday a rough guess I reckon I only did 500-600. Today I did grocery shopping and walked up and down aisles but have no idea how many steps I would have done.


I started doing something similar last week… the do 10 sit ups whenever I remember club… I did 40 yesterday… but forgot the day before…


I ran 7.44km and burned 871 calories all in 1-hour. My average heart rate must have been between 160-170 beats per minute.

7.44km works out to be 9,173 steps.


Our hotel has free WiFi!!



Best I could manage today between coaching and driving.


Just a record of what I plan to do today, what I’ve done yeserday and the day before.



I can’t see myself walking the 100 or so minutes to do 10,000 steps. I walked for 25 minutes up and down the hallway(talk about mind numbingly boring! ) and did roughly 1700 steps.


Yesterday I had 20,837 steps. Today’s my day off so I’ll probably only manage 2000 or so.


Understood. I find that walking through town is getting boring. I listen to audiobooks:

It helps!

That’s amazing! I let myself get VERY out of shape this winter. I don’t think I can do 20,000 yet. I will try to catch up to you as soon as I can.